Mockingjay: Part One

The third Hunger Games movie in the series doesn’t disappoint. Well, it was annoying that it’s basically half a film, but, I still liked it well enough.

Mockingjay/Catching Fire Icon 1by PixieSilver2317 via DeviantArt
Mockingjay/Catching Fire Icon 1by PixieSilver2317 via DeviantArt

I do really think they did a good job of the movie, and they have maintained a high calibre from the first two movies. But, as I said above, it is let down by the fact that it’s half the story, so the movie is somewhat lackluster, as it’s basically just working towards the final film. Though there is plenty of action and moving scenes. Like Katniss’ return to District 12, her singing The Hanging Tree, the journey to District 8 and of course Peeta’s rescue and return. With this latter point, I really thought they did a fantastic job, so much tension, and great to see the rescue taking place, rather than it just happening.

The acting is great, Jennifer Lawrence, as always, is awesome. And her propo crew is perfect, can’t wait to see more of them in the second part! They remained rather faithful to the book. And The Hanging Tree, oh my, the song is beautiful, and made it’s way on to the charts. And they showed the rebels destroying the hydroelectric dam (which I don’t recall in the book, but who cares) which was stunning.

I just loved when Snow was giving a speech to the districts about all Mockingjay symbols/association being treason and will be punished, and how his granddaughter undoes her hair which was done in Katniss’ style. It’s the little things.

One thing which annoyed me quite a bit was that Katniss didn’t demand that she kill Snow. Like that’s a pretty important demand, why leave that part out, would have taken three words (I kill Snow). Which makes me really wonder what they’ll do in the final movie then. But apart from that I’m quite happy, the included the roses, Buttercup, the dissolution of Gale and Katniss, Annie, The Hanging Tree and her new bow (though not the fact that it responds to her voice).

I really can’t wait for the final movie, which is what frustrates me about this one, is that we don’t get the whole thing. It’s just like Harry Potter. And it’s quite annoying that this has become standard. Though I’m always in two minds about it because I love getting more movie, but I hate that it’s basically a cash grab, and it means that the first part is always a bit of a let down, and then you have to wait another year for the final part.


5 thoughts on “Mockingjay: Part One

  1. I just finished reading Catching Fire. And now everyone in my immediate family appears to have watched the first movie. Obviously me and my father, I know my mother and my sisters went to see it, and now my aunt and stepmother caught it on TV.

    I had to explain a great deal of it to my aunt when she was watching the first showing (having got the TV times wrong and come in late), then I left her to watch the second showing alone, and her only real opinion seemed to be that it was very violent.

    (My Cambodian stepmother covered her eyes during some of the fight scenes, which is strange to me because there’s not much of anything to object to in the PG-13 violence, and despite loving Django Unchained I don’t consider myself very hardened to violence, either. I have to cover my eyes often during Hell on Wheels, an awful Western that I watch simply out of an obsessive need to see how much more incompetent the writing will get. And it amazes me that it can get away with so much ridiculously graphic/realistic violence that you don’t see in the movies. There was a scene depicting a man having his throat slit that was so awful it was literally almost nightmare-inducing, and I hated even having it in my subconscious. Then later he killed the only character I actually liked for no reason at all with no warning, even though she’d escaped being murdered for actual reasons earlier in the episode. But thankfully the show will be over in 2 years because there are only 5 main characters that haven’t died horribly yet. Back on point…..)

    What’s interesting is a lot of people who hate the series say the first film improves greatly, fixing the book’s problems. One such person even said that it’s like it was meant to be seen as a movie all along and the book was a pointless novelization. I completely disagree with this, because I think they would see it very differently if they had watched it without reading any of the books first. My opinion was validated by my aunt not remembering Gale’s name, barely recalling his presence in the film, and having only gotten a vague impression Peeta was really in love with Katniss.

    So I’ll be watching the second movie soon on Netflix Instant, and I’m disappointed I won’t be able to see this in the theater. But maybe I shouldn’t, because an elderly couple was sitting behind me when I saw the first film and the old lady actually started laughing and clapping at the tracker-jackers getting dropped on the Careers. Which has always bothered me.

    Will you answer this question: How many chapters does this movie adapt? How many are left to adapt at this point? Perhaps you can look through your copy to answer the question.

    1. Yeah from what I recall of Catching Fire the violence wasn’t that bad (compared to say Game of Thrones, or even more The Walking Dead, which are two TV shows I do enjoy and sometimes the graphic nature is a tad much).

      Ah was that PBS Idea Channel’s Mike by any chance? I saw him say that. And I do agree to a point. The movies have been of high standard, and sometimes the books weren’t the best (the third I didn’t like completely), so I can see where they are coming from.

      Hm I think their reaction to the tracker-jackers is interesting because I’m presuming it was from a ‘yes get the bastards’ POV, rather than ‘yes, KILL EVERYONE AND MAKE THEM SUFFER’.

      The movie gets halfway through chapter 13, though perhaps all the way, depends on whether they include a character or not. That leaves 14 more, plus epilogue, and it’s going to be a packed 14 chapters! (Full end point in rot13 Crgn’f erghea vf fubja, naq uvf nggnpx, naq gura Xngavff trgf vg rkcynvarq gb ure, naq vg raqf jvgu ure ybbxvat va ba uvz fgehttyvat va uvf pryy.)

  2. No, I’m not familiar with PBS Idea Channel, even though I grew up watching PBS cartoons and loving them. Sagwa the Chinese Siamese Cat was my favorite, but I also liked George Shrinks, Jakers! and Cyberchase. This was said by the hate blogger I mistakenly linked you to before, Whitley-Birks.

    I get that, I just didn’t like her reaction because I didn’t think it was appropriate to enjoy the deaths of anyone in a “game” centered around child murder engineered by a despotic government. I would use your defense for Django Unchained because the victims are mostly racist adults who abused human beings as products in a corrupt trade. One reviewer wrote “I was disturbed by their yelps of triumphant laughter, at the screening I attended, as a white woman was blown away by Django’s gun”. I can rewind that over and over again and never stop laughing at it. There is no blood, and she’s literally blown backwards through a doorway against all laws of basic physics! Not to mention the comic timing of the actors:

    “Cora, before you go, will you tell Miss Lara goodbye?”
    “Do– do– do what now?”
    “I said tell Miss Lara goodbye.”
    “Oh… BYE MISS LARA!”

    and she isn’t an adolescent forced/trained to stay alive. The movie did make Cato a lot more sympathetic at the end, especially to my father who had rolled his eyes at the idea of him surviving for hours, while we both questioned why Katniss did not immediately put him out of his misery as she does in the film instead of whining “…the real nightmare is listening to Cato, moaning, begging, and finally just whimpering as the mutts work away at him. After a very short time, I don’t care who he is or what he’s done, all I want is for his suffering to end…..It goes on and on and on and eventually completely consumes my mind, blocking out memories and hopes of tomorrow, erasing everything but the present, which I begin to believe will never change. There will never be anything but cold and fear and the agonized sounds of the boy dying in the horn.” It’s good writing but NOT IF YOU JUST KILL HIM AND END THE GAMES RIGHT NOW. Sorry but LOL.

    1. Ah, well he has quite an interesting Youtube Channel.

      Yeah Katniss not ending it wasn’t great, I think partly it was because she thought she couldn’t do it cause he was hidden in the horn or whatever.

  3. My favorite line in the series is from Catching Fire in the period shortly before the victors going back into the Quell is announced and Katniss’s life is experiencing little external conflict:
    “Then I just lie there, staring out my window at the winter sky, pondering how on earth this will all turn out.”
    It captures the essence of life so well.

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