Game of Thrones: Seasons 3 and 4

I do really like this TV show, they do a great job of adapting the books. And I’ve talked about the first two seasons previously, so I want to talk about the latest two seasons separately (since my viewing was long after the reading).

Now, I know that the show is the show and the books are the books, they are separate entities, and the show does not have to be the same as the books. But there were differences which left me confused and annoyed, and I want to share those with you now (though in reality there’s too many to list, so these are just my biggest ones). Despite the number of ‘grievances’ below, they actually make me like the show more, because I get some enjoyment at being like are they going to do the thing, they’re doing it. Or alternatively, being like, what are they doing, that’s not supposed to be happening, why??? Both are super fun for me.

An obvious difference was the fact that Ser Barristan couldn’t pretend to be someone else for an entire season, cause we all know what he looks like, so he had to be exposed straight away.

Why did Robb make it all the way to Harrenhall? And why did his wife go to the Red Wedding? That was stupid and offensive. But the Red Wedding was beautiful, cruelly beautifully.

I guess I understand that they chose Gendry to be taken by Melisandra back to Dragonstone to be burned, but then the Onion Knight saves him, because he was a character we already knew and people liked him, rather than introducing some other person. But I didn’t really like it.

I was quite happy with Sansa’s escape (even if leaving Ser Dontos and the damn poison in the boat which would of course end up being found was THE STUPIDEST THING EVER – but AH Joffrey’s wedding was grand) and her arrival at the Eyrie. But, why oh why, did they think that it was a good idea to remove the singer (okay probably too complicated) and come up with the tale that Lysa committed suicide? Then, Sansa told them all that she was Sansa! Like, no, stop what are you doing. That’ll come back to haunt you, nobody is supposed to know you are here, are you stupid?

Also why on earth was the Eyrie so easy to get to? Like the Blood Gate, everyone just sauntered up to that thing, despite the fact that in season 1, they took a mountain path and it was dangerous with the clans. And why did Petyr and Sansa take that route, instead of the safer route, and entirely logical one from the ocean? And why didn’t Petyr tell her to cover her hair BEFORE THEY GOT TO THE GATE AND WERE IN SIGHT OF PEOPLE ALREADY?

I really didn’t get why they had to have Brienne looking for Ayra, and succeeding! Like, the books, Brienne is probably still in Kings Landing by the time Ayra is gone. And they seem to reach her in no time at all, despite it being a very long way. Plus they removed all the extra coolness from her storyline, which hopefully they might put in, but I see no reason for them too. And the question remains will she end up finding Catelyn, is she even reanimated or whatever it is that happened? The only thing I can think of is that they just wanted Brienne to have a battle with the Hound. Which was unnecessary. But I am so excited for Ayra in Braavos, I just love her.

And probably the worst thing of all is Bran’s story which has been butchered. Like really, you get rid of Cold Hands? Again perhaps too hard to explain, alright. But then you make him get captured by the turncloaks at Craster’s Keep. And then you have Jon and others go and save them inadvertently, and instead are ‘protecting their secrets from Mance’. (Meanwhile you have Vago Hoat try to infiltrate them and get Bran – seriously Theon didn’t even reveal that they were alive did he?) Which was a pretty stupid thing to send them out there. Then you go ahead and kill Jojen before meeting the 3-Eyed Raven, which totally didn’t need to happen. And now you’re going to have to wait a while to know what Bran actually is going to do next because you’ve gone through most of his story now.

And we also have to wait and see if Jon actually becomes Lord Commander or not, which he better do otherwise no. And while I was annoyed that they changed the attack on Castle Black, and super annoyed that they killed Jon’s friends for no reason other than to make people sad, oh it was a good episode. Actually their attack plan, of doing it simultaneously was much better than two separate attacks. Though I think Mance was just trying to wipe Castle Black out and then they would face no opposition through the wall.

Finally, my gods was Oberyn Martell’s death great. Like, wow. That fight was great. And the end, aorihtaiwurhgoaishgjakshgaig!

I’m really looking forward to the next season!


4 thoughts on “Game of Thrones: Seasons 3 and 4

  1. For me, the worst two changes of season 4 were 1: having Jaime rape Cercei (just…why?) and 2: not including the Tysha reveal at the end. That was the whole reason Tyrion went into Tywin’s chamber to begin with!

    I do have to defend the Hound vs Brienne fight, though. That was terrific.

  2. All reasonable complaints.

    The singer Marillion, got his tongue torn out by Joffrey in season one, so I wasn’t surprised that he was absent to “take the fall” for Lysa’s plummet.

    Sansa revealing herself to the handful of Lords of the Vale didn’t bother me. In general, the TV characters are more talkative and open than the book characters (like Arya talking to Gendry in S2) and this might dovetail with the future books.

    Robb reaching Harrenhal was not a big deal. Since Roose Bolton needed to take possession so his story would sync up with Jaime. If people didn’t see him with Robb, it weakens the connection in the viewers mind.

    I think I was mostly bummed that we didn’t see the Brotherhood hanging members of a certain family, under the direction of a certain stone-hearted lady.

    1. Totally had no idea about Marillion, I wonder why they made that change, because they already knew what role he would pay later on.

      I just think exposing yourself to the Lords of the Vale is a stupid thing to do, they could sell her out easily, so why take the risk?

      I do hope we the stone-hearted lady, pity if she is written out.

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