The Hobbit: The Battle of Five Armies

The finale. And perhaps the last Tolkien based movie we’ll get in a long while. Much has been said about these Hobbit films, why were there three of them for such a short book? Why did Jackson add in characters like Legolas and a new dwarf-elf romance? And so on. I’m not entirely sure how I feel about the latest movie. I mean it was reasonably enjoyable and it was good to see how it all ended. But the fact that it was all split out over three movies made it incredibly drawn out. I really think two movies would have sufficed. And I’m still not convinced about the 48fps business, like, when you start watching it, it looks weird, like things move too fast and unnaturally. It is supposed to make it more realistic, but I don’t like it, especially not with 3D which makes it worse. Maybe it’s just me.

I thought that they did a great job showing just how much Thorin was changed by gaining the mountain, especially with Smaug’s voice overlayed.

The battle scenes were reasonably interesting and exciting.

But there was one moment where Legolas managed to run across a crumbling building, using falling pieces to step on and push off of, yeah, he’s an elf, but no. Yeah this is fantasy, but no.

I did actually like all the extra stuff (mostly), like Gandalf’s rescue in Dol-Guldur, and of course most of the battle was missing in The Hobbit, so it was interesting to see how ‘it played out’. But still I’m not sure about all the completely extra stuff, like the extra Kili and Tauriel, I mean at least it wrote in another female part (since Tolkien lacks there a bit), but probably unnecessary. And rewriting Azog’s history to make a physical enemy, yeah, I don’t know.

I’m just not sure about it, I’m left feeling unsatisfied. Perhaps if I watched them all together it would be better so I have a continuous complete story, as this one drops you into Laketown as Smaug attacks. I don’t think Jackson did that great a job with The Hobbit. What do you think?


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