The Winds of Winter Predictions

I’m not even sure that I’m going to get any of these correct because Martin has a way of surprising us all, but, ah well, that’s part of the fun. You can see my review of A Dance with Dragons here.

Let’s get underway!

  1. Jon Snow ain’t dead. He is a warg, so perhaps that means he is now Ghost, and I’m unsure whether that means he can then return to another body or what, but, he’s not dead.
  2. The Onion Knight will bring Rickon to Winterfell, allowing Stannis a victory. But not without great cost, perhaps Mance, and damned Roose Bolton will get away.
  3. Theon and Asha, I think they’ll be able to go free, because they’ll help Stannis win, and then Asha will use Theon to overturn the kingsmoot
  4. Brienne won’t kill Jamie, instead she’ll kill Catelyn. OR Jamie tells Catelyn that her children are alive, so she spares him
  5. Bran will learn how to see without using the weirwoods, and will learn the 3-Eyed Raven’s dark secret/past. Should I guess that he might be causing the Others, and is the Other god whose name cannot be spoken (lol is he voldemort?).
  6. Bran will accidentally kill Jojen
  7. Cersei will be offered to be Regent again (with her uncle dead) but she will turn down the offer. And will reveal that Tommen is not the true king when the Targaryens get too close, trying to get Stannis to help crush them. She does this after she is condemned to death as her champion fails
  8. Magarey is found innocent
  9. Tommen’s kittens will die
  10. Samwell learns to be a maester and finds out more secrets like the origin of the Others
  11. Gilly will be accepted into the Tarley house, but she will run away to try to be back with Sam
  12. Sansa ends up killing Petyr because he tries to rape her. She then marries The Heir, after she also kills Robert
  13. Doran Martell won’t support Young Griff, hoping instead for Daenerys. The Sand Snakes secretly help him instead. But Doran changes his mind when he finds out The Mountain isn’t quite dead
  14. Arya continues with her training, but she will be confronted with being asked to kill someone she knows
  15. Tryion with the Second Sons help Meereen remove the Yunkish threat. Which enables him to meet Daenerys
  16. Daenerys convinces Khal Jhaqo to help her win back her city, and Victarion also aides the cause.
  17. Victarion’s horn thing fails to work, but he kills Hizdahr Zo Loraq for Daenerys, and offers (for a dragon) his fleet to take her home
  18. Penny will die
  19. As will Ser Barristan
  20. Daenerys will return to Westeros by the end of the novel, and will learn about Young Griff

Who is Azor Ahai Reborn?

It’s not Stannis, his sword fails to fit the bill. Jon Snow, is probably the most likely candidate with the R + A = J theory

UGH, I’m so unprepared for what’s going to happen, and I just so hope it comes out in 2015!


3 thoughts on “The Winds of Winter Predictions

  1. “Jon Snow ain’t dead…. Brienne won’t kill Jamie…. OR Jamie tells Catelyn that her children are alive, so she spares him.”

    Daniel, I have some bad news……

    “No one will be alive by the last book. In fact, they all die in the fifth. The sixth book will be just a thousand-page description of snow blowing across the graves . . .”
    – George R.R. Martin

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