The Shadow of the Giant

The last book in this Shadow series, Shadow Puppets, I said I wasn’t that much a fan of. This book, was better, but I am glad that this part of the series is over. The story is totally done, and doesn’t need any more. Of course this part of the story is about Bean and Petra getting their children back, but it’s not entirely about that. The world is still in turmoil as China, India and the United Muslim countries under the Caliph vie for power. And there’s Peter and the Hegemon trying to unite the world also.

There are a number of interesting developments, like the fact that one of the embryos, which has the genetic key, is being raised by a woman who is fanatical about Achilles, and thinks him a god, and Bean the devil. So that’s great. And that remains unresolved, so another avenue for books Card…?

Bean and his ‘mutated’ children fly off into the sunset on a neverending journey as the IF try to ‘find a cure’ for them, but Bean just wants them to fly forever and collect a vast wealth of knowledge. Petra of course didn’t want them to go, but Bean insisted that his ‘normal’ children have a ‘normal’ life. But the twist is that in the end Petra marries Peter, because, well, he was a good temporary father while Petra was off fighting his war. So yeah, I don’t really like it. But hey, not for me to decide.

Also interesting was that Bean and the IF used the Giant’s game from the Battle School to become financial software, and hey presto Jane! Also they used it to track down their children too. So, again, not sure that needed to be there, it was clearly written in after the short story where Jane first meets Ender as financial software. So I’m not sure. That’s the trouble with these ongoing series which just don’t end, the author can just start adding things in which weren’t intended. Sometimes things just need to be left alone.

In all, the book was alright, but I think part of it was knowing that this chapter of the story was closing, so it wouldn’t drag on too much longer. I will continue the series because there are different perspectives to be had, but thankfully (as far as I’m aware) they are distinctly different!


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