Will Grayson, Will Grayson by John Green and David Levithan

I didn’t want to expect with this novel, and I was most interested to see how it would work with two authors. I could see quite quickly that each author wrote alternating chapters, and later found out that they wrote their chapters individually, and then read each other their current chapter, before working on the next one (obviously a lot of editing happened to make it cohesive). And they really executed a good book. It took a few chapters for me to warm up to the story, and it wasn’t until the two Will Graysons (hence the name) met that I started to enjoy it. Overall I liked it, but I wouldn’t rave about it.So we have two different Will Graysons. John Green’s is a straight, but I’d say ambivalent when it comes to sex, guy who has a ‘sterotypically but doesn’t care’ gay friend, Tiny Cooper. Tiny is an interesting character, and certainly adds some character to the novel. He is in the process of creating a musical based around his life, and we get to see it at the end, and from what we saw was funny and enjoyable. This Will Grayson has two rules, don’t care about things and shut up. Not very good life rules, but if you want to coast through life living minimally I guess that’s what you should do. But, Will learns that it’s probably best to a) care, and b) don’t shut up.

The other Will Grayson written by David Levithan, is a gay guy who is depressed. He has yet to come out (but subsequently does, and it goes quite well). David’s writing style includes absolutely no capital letters. Which is either a representation of online communication which often lacks capitalisation (as this will grayson does use quite a lot of it in the book) or perhaps it’s a reflection on will’s character and his personality. Unfortunately for this will his friend Maura is playing a trick on him, and pretending to be this other gay guy Isaac, and communicating with will via IM. will and Isaac plan to meet, but it goes badly as they are set to meet at a porn shop. The thing is that the other Will Grayson is there (because he bought a fake ID which failed miserably because it made him 20 instead of 21, so couldn’t get into this concert with Tiny and Jane, who ditch him for the concert. And he tries to create a funny story by buying something at the store, but ends up meeting will). The two wills meet, and in time Tiny arrives, and will and Tiny have a relationship. Tiny is one of those people who flits from person to person, and gets heartbroken everytime, but still loves so much.

Again, like in An Abundance of Katherines, Tiny and Will have a few friendship problems, which eventually sort themselves out. And of course Will ends up with Jane, despite her getting back with an ex who is ‘super hot’, after Will gets with the program and starts to care, and tells Jane how he feels.

The ending was lovely with will grayson racing to see the musical, and organising a whole bunch of Will Graysons (or similar) to come and at the end all proclaim their appreciation of Tiny. Was a nice scene.

I certainly was impressed how well it went considering there were two authors. I just don’t think it was a story for me. I liked it well enough, but I’m glad it wasn’t particularly long. I am happy I read it, it was a nice read.


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