Top Ten ALL TIME Favorite Authors


It’s been a few weeks since I’ve done a TTT, but it’s back with my ALL TIME Favourite Authors (every time they use favorite it never fails to make me hesitate for a moment when the red line pops up under it, writing up these reviews)! Which of course is a difficult choice.

  1. Markus Zusak – I loved both of his novels I’ve read, and I love his writing style. Hopefully he publishes a few more things!!!
  2. Isobelle Carmody – My favourite fantasy author, can’t wait until November
  3. Patrick Ness – I’ve only read three of his novels, but I adored them so much, can’t wait to read more from him
  4. JK Rowling – I can’t not have her on the list
  5. Kate Grenville – a lovely Australian author
  6. Neil Gaimain – I need to read more of his stuff, but he’s great
  7. Tolkien – the Fantasy great has to be on here
  8. George RR Martin – the modern fantasy great also needs to be on here
  9. John Marsden – the Tomorrow When the War Began series is too good, for Marsden to be left off this list
  10. Terry Prachett, I haven’t read any of his solo stuff, but his collaborations are enough to make me put him on here

Over to you! Who’s on your list?


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