The Ice Dragon Illustrated by Luis Royo

This was a lovely novella by George R R Martin, and is apparently set in the same world as Game of Thrones, but a long time ago (since there were lots of dragons) and obviously the seasons changed (as here they are like ours instead of extended like in the book series). What I loved about it was the illustrations! They are stunning. The story has been published in three different occasions, and the latest, illustrated by Luis Royo is great.In terms of the story, it is short and sweet. It details a winter born girl, Adara, whose mother died giving birth to her, and the girl has been forever marked as a winter child. She is different from the others, she is able to hold the ice lizards without them dying from her body temperature, and eventually she meets the ice dragon. And not long after begins to ride it.

But to the north there are fierce battles, and her uncle who is a dragonrider, arrives each spring and autumn (returning since it is getting too cold for the dragons). As the years continue, he begins to ask Adara’s father to leave to go to safety, but he refuses. Of course that comes to haunt him when the village is attacked. But luckily Adara’s ice dragon is there to save them, but only to die in the process from the heat.

There was a goodreads review which was very critical of this book because the cover was deceptive, as they were expecting a nice tale of a girl and her dragon. Of course GRRM doesn’t quite make it so, but it is such a tale of a girl and her dragon, and just because sad things happen, doesn’t make it a bad story. And just because your expectations weren’t met, doesn’t mean the story is bad either.


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