Red Rising by Pierce Brown

I’m really annoyed, not with the book, but someone recommended this book to me, and I thought it was on the blog, but I can’t find it. So whoever it was, wherever you are, THANKYOU (I found out who it was, it was @MsSimms7 on twitter, so I’m very thankful for the recommendation, definitely a good one). This book is pure genius, and I loved it so much. This is some damn good dystopia, and I am desperate to get my hands on the next book in this trilogy. I saw that this book was described as The Hunger Games meets Ender’s Game, and that’s actually fairly apt, but it takes what’s good about the two, and makes it even better. I was completely absorbed in the story, and for a moment or two I thought it was reality. 

The main idea in this world is that everyone has been put into their respective colours, the reds mine the earth, the greens are doctors, the blues scientists, the obsidians soldiers and of course at the top, the golds. And they have expanded across the solar system, and the reds are preparing Mars for the rest of humanity, as Earth is (as usual) overcrowded and polluted. They need to mine helium-2 which is used to teraform the planet. Thing is, that’s already happened, no-one told the reds though.

Darrow is such a red, and he is a hell-driver, one of the lead miners for his ‘house’ (because there’s competition in the reds, for a little bit more in terms of supplies – such a devious system). His house was supposed to win, but the game is rigged. He is married to Eo, a true beauty, and it’s her death (because the pair of them went to a garden they weren’t allowed to, and then Eo sang a forbidden song) that sets the chain of events for Darrow to throw a spanner into the works. He is executed too, but the Sons of Ares have other plans for him, so prevent his death.

And this is only just the beginning, and it already was so good. Now, their plan is revealed, they are going to turn Darrow INTO A GOLD. Because they can do that! And he’s going to infiltrate them, and destroy them from within. It’s a tough process for Darrow, but for him it’s only the beginning. And gosh is it exciting to see him transform into this superhuman, who all Golds are, of course, because they are bred and moulded to be the best.

The next step is to get him into The Institute where he will learn to become a useful Gold and potentially rise the ranks. And this is where things heat up, as it becomes crunch time, will he get through unnoticed, will he survive, what’s going to be involved? Let me just tell you, it’s one hell of a ride. And you soon forget that what’s happening here, isn’t the end game at all, it’s only the beginning. There are so many twists and turns, and battles and strategies involved. It’s so exciting, and I don’t want to give anything more away.

Even when I thought that it was obvious that they were doing one thing, they went ahead and didn’t do that, and when I thought they were going to fall into one clique, they didn’t! It certainly kept me on my toes, and it was so exciting to read. You really fell pride and joy when Darrow is succeeding, even when you are somewhat conflicted about what that means, and how it is happening. And the difficulty for Darrow is how can he remain true to himself, when he has to be something so not him, so he can make a difference and save the ones he loves. It’s such a moral minefield, like how far do you go before you turn into the thing you hate, and does it matter if it is for a good cause?


3 thoughts on “Red Rising by Pierce Brown

  1. So glad you enjoyed the book so much, it is my favourite of the year so far with Carmody’s finale still to come.

    Be sure to read Golden Son – very well written and an interesting turn of the story.

    Thanks for the shout out. 😊

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