The Scorch Trials – The Maze Runner #2

This is the sequel to the recently popular and “movie-tised” The Maze Runnerand it seems like this book is just as popular because it took an awfully long time to get it in at the library. And I think the appeal of this series is the fact that we’re all so curious to know what exactly is going on! There are so many twists and turns, that seem obvious, and then things don’t quite happen how you expected, but then return to the obvious bit, and then throw a spanner. And that’s this book’s highlight. It kept me engaged and really interested in what’s going on. But…It’s not a perfect book by any means, and in some places I was rolling my eyes and the dialogue and the plain ridiculousness. The main character, Tom, doesn’t seem to care about all the other kids dying, as long as it isn’t one of the ones whose names he actually knows. And generally he is quite frustrating. Which is allowed, but, it’s more pleasant when you like the characters a bit more. The book just didn’t capture me in a state where it was believable and realistic. Now I don’t mean that I couldn’t believe the scenarios they were faced with, that’s all fine this is dystopia, there’s bizarre stuff happening. I just couldn’t believe the characters or the writing. I was engrossed just to find out what happened next, instead of being immersed in the world.

As I’ve said I’m really intrigued by the book and all it’s twists and turns. A lot of stuff happens, and there’s plenty of complications and unexpected events. So it’s full of action, and it’s great in that sense. And finally we get some sort of idea of what is actually happening in the series. It seems as though Tom and Teresa are actually part of WICKED, they are the ones who are behind it all. So what does that mean? What happened for them to have to get involved in these death trials? It’s quite curious. And what is the Flare, and is this really about the Flare and doing good, or are these guys just really the bad guys? It’s so hard to know.

Tom and Teresa’s relationship here disappoints me, they are in love and then pulled apart, and then Tom gets all stroppy with her, when she has to play a double role. And it’s just tiring really. I’m not really a fan of that aspect, and then there’s the typical second love interest which complicates everything. And I don’t feel like that was done well either.

The intrigue of the book is what keeps me going here, not a whole much else. But oh I definitely want the next book, and the one after that. I just need to know what’s going on. I get live with the writing and characters (it’s not that it’s bad, it’s just not that great), just so I can finish the series and see where it goes.


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