Top Ten Authors I’ve Read The Most Books From

Top10TuesdayThis week we’re looking at which authors I have read the most from. I’m just taking this direct from Goodreads, so some of these might be a little off, I’m looking at the Tolkien one which seems way too high. But it seems failry accurate. Interesting to see John Marsden on there, since I haven’t read the books for ages, and CS Lewis and Moris Gleitzman were also random.

  1. Rick Riordan 16
  2. JRR Tolkien 15
  3. Isobelle Carmody 11
  4. Orson Scott Card 10
  5. JK Rowling 10
  6. John Marsden 10
  7. Eoin Colfer 7
  8. George R R Martin 7
  9. Moris Gleitzman 6
  10. C S Lewis 6
  11. Dan Brown 6

Over to you guys, who have you read the most from? Any surprises?


6 thoughts on “Top Ten Authors I’ve Read The Most Books From

    1. Carmody writes fantasy, her main series which is finally wrapping up this year is The Obernewtyn Chronicles. Marsden writes YA, his main series is Tomorrow When The War Began, which deals with Australia being invaded and a group of teens trying to survive.
      Both are Australian which probably explains it

      Nice list, haven’t really read many on yours, I’m a little ashamed I’ve read no King, but I really want to and will soon, any recommendation?

  1. I did not even know that Tolkien wrote that many books, i am a little embarrassed to emit that. But thank you for pointing that out to me and i will look into his other books and see what else i can read by him.
    We only have Rowling in common, so i will also look into a few of the other authors on you list since most of them i either have only read one or two books by or like Riordan, nothing yet.
    Fantastic list 🙂

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