The Death Cure – James Dashner

The “finale” in the Maze Runner Series, and to be honest, it was a let down. The Scorch Trials was not as good as the first, and I expressed my growing displeasure, but here, I just really wasn’t impressed. Every twist and turn just felt really forced and just as though they wanted to try and surprise us just for the sake of trying to surprise us and have a twist. Which meant they eventually just bored me because there were so many silly things happening. Also the writing style started to become really grating and frustrating, I’m not entirely sure what it was, just it felt unnatural, and became a chore to read. I was sighing and eyerolling at the strained dialogue, and Thomas really got on my nerves by all his actions. He almost became insufferable.

The series started out with quite a lot of promise, the premise was intriguing, and I was compelled to read on. Then things just started going off course, with just too many cliff-hangers and twists, that just felt overly unnecessary. There was too much pressure to try and shock us, that in the end, I ended up feeling like Dashner was just trying too hard, and throwing these curve-balls at us for the sake of trying to shock us. It didn’t really work. It felt largely predictable, and not overly well thought out. The finale really did end up settling it, the series didn’t work for me.

I have to give credit that it wasn’t that terrible I didn’t want to finish the book, I still wanted to find out what was going to end up happening. But I’m really uninterested in the prequels and additional books which have been spawned. I feel like the series could have achieved a lot more, but ended up being a let down, considering how much praise I had heard about it. And perhaps that was part of the problem, my expectations were set too high, and they didn’t end up being met. I’m still glad I read the series to see what the fuss was all about.


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