Percy Jackson and the Greek Gods – Plus Son of Sobek

So while I wait for the library to finally get in The Blood of Olympus, so I can finish off the series, I found Percy Jackson and the Greek Gods. Which you can probably guess is Percy Jackson narrating Greek mythology, and it’s awesome! I really commend Riordan for making Greek Mythology interesting and fun for both children and adults. Whether or not it is 100% accurate is besides the point, it’s ancient mythology there’s going to be unknowns and theories.

The Council of Gods by Raphael
The Council of Gods by Raphael

Percy’s narration is brilliant, even if I’m sometimes rolling my eyes at what he is saying, like “She thought about using her son Eros as her messenger. Maybe could take Anchises a note that read: DO YOU LIKE APHRODITE? ____ YES ____ NO” Or the suggestion that the gods were using smartphones or other modern things. Ah, a bit of light humour can go a long was to make things interesting and more entertaining.

My gods though, Greek mythology is complex, and full of a lot of weird things. Cannibalism, babies which aren’t human being born from human parents, parents throwing children out of Mount Olympus (literally), strange monsters, the list goes on. But it is fascinating stuff. Even though through Percy’s adventures we’ve come across some of this information before, and I’ve looked at some Greek mythology myself, there are so many stories that a lot of what was here, I didn’t already know.

I’m quite glad this copy of the book included the short story The Son of Sobek. It was a nice read, where Percy Jackson and Carter Kane, meet for the first time. Now these are two half-gods, one Greek and the other Egyptian. It was really interesting to see how the pair would interact, and what they would think of one another. And it does sort of ominously suggest that the pair will meet again and have to fight a common enemy (is this Riordan’s plan, (once he has done the Norse mythology series with Magnus Chase which I am very excited about – also is Magnus related to Annabeth…?), he will get all three together for the final battle????).


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