Ten Characters You Just Didn’t Click With


This week it’s about which characters didn’t I click with (aka which characters frustrate me), indeed with many of these, it ended up meaning that I didn’t particularly like the book, not all, but most.

  1. Thomas in Ender’s Game – was too whinny and annoying for me to really care about
  2. Tris from Divergent – that book entirely didn’t click, but she was frustrating
  3. Nick Carraway from The Great Gatsby
  4. Ursula from Candelo – too much self absorption and lack of good thought
  5. Elizabeth Bennett  in Pride and Prejudice – hardly surprising really
  6. Jon Evans in The Shade of the Moon – a bit like Thomas, but much more entitled and frustrating
  7. Will Grayson in the eponymous book – both of them really just didn’t quite click
  8. Julia in Age of Miracles
  9. Sansa in Game of Thrones – at least not for a good while
  10. I’m drawing up a blank with the last one

What about you, any characters you didn’t click with? Did you come to like them more over time? Does it ruin the book?


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