Ten Finished Series I Have YET to Finish


This week it’s all about those unfinished series we have piled up over the years. The problem with this is, how do we firstly define a finished series? Some of them have added on additional books, despite saying they finished, or they have had spin-offs, or they published without my knowing? Most of this list is really just going to be series which I didn’t realise there were more books, mainly from childhood/teenage years.

  1. Artemis Fowl, read the first six, and just forgot about them, and now there are two more
  2. Cormoran Strike novels, I’ve only read the first one
  3. Once by Morris Gleitzman, I’ve read the first four, and he’s just published a fifth one, though I really thought it was over in the third!
  4. The Maze Runner, I’ve read the actual three in the series, just not the two prequels
  5. The Governor Series by Robert Kirkman (Walking Dead books), again read the first three, now seems to be another three
  6. Billionaire by Richard Newsome (gosh every child wishes that they magically inherited billions of dollars don’t they? Or was that just me?), again first three, more books published now.
  7. The Long Earth by Terry Prachett and Baxter – again read the first three (three is a magical number here), but there’s one more out, with potentially another, but Prachett’s death has made things unclear
  8. Divergent – here’s one that I was aware of sequels at the time and didn’t bother
  9. The Song of Ice and Fire – well this one is unfinished
  10. The Obernewtyn Chronicles – so is this one, but not for long
  11. One extra – Ender’s Game, well I read the first two series of it, just stopped (for now, not sure if forever) after Bean’s story was ‘done’, seriously too many books.

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