The Great Gatsby Movie

After reading the book quite some time ago, and not overly liking it, I’ve finally watched Baz Luhrmann’s 2013 adaptation.

The Great Gatsby Cast at the Australian Premiere in Sydney. By Eva Rinaldi
The Great Gatsby Cast at the Australian Premiere in Sydney. By Eva Rinaldi via Flickr

I have to say that I actually didn’t mind the movie. Well, it’s by no means my favourite movie, but it wasn’t the worst movie I have sat through, and it was an improvement on the book. I think they did a pretty good job adapting it to screen, and the parties and extravagance was done really well. Personally, I found the special effects and CGI too overwhelming at a number of points, making it look really fake. And I get that it is (hopefully) a stylistic choice, but it’s not my style.

Either I didn’t absorb it the first time, or I have forgotten things, but some details seemed a little different, like how Gatsby became rich. Like I do remember his sinister connections, but this billionaire on a boat thing, I don’t remember that.  Apart from that it seemed to be how I remembered.

I thought the way the movie was presented, as Nick in a sanatorium retelling his story, was well done. I know that he did ‘narrate’ the written story, but in the movie, I feel that it made more sense and allowed for some nice scenes.

I don’t quite get why they made it such a big reveal as to Gatsby’s appearance. I guess that yes to Nick he was really mysterious, but they seemed to play it up, as if audiences wouldn’t know and would be shocked to see Leonardo Di Caprio standing there. It just felt a bit too much to me.

And my word did they flog the green light symbolism.

All in all, I think that watching the movie was a more pleasant experience, and I’d definitely recommend the movie over the book in the future!


2 thoughts on “The Great Gatsby Movie

  1. Glad you finally got around to watching this! My dad concurs with you on it being better than the book.

    Do you think Baz Luhrmann was a good director for the film? What do you think of some of his other films, like Moulin Rouge?

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