The Maze Runner Movie

Minho: I’m so glad WCKD cares about my looks enough to send me hair gel

I’ve reviewed the books in the series, now it’s time to take a look at the movie adaptation.

I actually quite enjoyed the movie, it was entertaining enough, and not super frustrating. The latter part perhaps is because I started resenting the books a little, so I have much less of an emotional stake in wanting the movie to be good. Because there were changes from the book, but I didn’t really find it too bothering.

I do think a lot of things got translated quite well to the screen, the maze looked great, and the dynamic between the boys was pretty good. The lack of mental communication between Tom and Teresa means their relationship is quite under-done at this stage, which complicates the future movies. There was some frustration Tom and Minho’s time in the maze, because they chose to cut away from the chase, and try and build suspense to suggest they might not have made it, but it just seemed silly.

Overall it was a good enough movie, it was entertaining, I’m sure it made me laugh, and it did an alright job at adapting the book to screen.

And now I’m able to take a look at the trailer for the sequel, The Scorch Trials, coming September 18, and it actually looks really good. I mean I think it could actually be an improvement on the books, because to be honest it looks fairly “loosely based” on it. Despite my reticence with the novels, I’m actually looking forward to seeing this one, hopefully the trailer isn’t too dissimilar to the real thing.


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