The Obernewtyn Chronicles

There is now less than one month until the finale, The Red Queen, is released to conclude the 28 year journey of Elspeth to destroy the weapon-machines and prevent a second nuclear holocaust. It’s been a really long time coming for fans, and for Isobelle Carmody, and it sure is going to be emotional!

To celebrate the upcoming release, each Sunday I will be posting about the Obernewtyn Chronicles with the plan being:

18/10 (today)- my thoughts on the series

25/10 – Discussion of the extra stories (Dark Road and The Journey)

1/11 – A recap of the series

8/11 – Predictions revisited

In regards to my plan with the book itself, well, the previous books I completed in a chapter-by-chapter style, but I think I will just complete the book and post a review of it then, with perhaps a few extra posts dealing with further questions I have left and looking back at my predictions.

Onto today’s post about the series. So I’ve been reading the series since about 2008, so compared to the 28 years, it’s nothing. But it has been a considerable part of my life. I’m not sure if I’ve discussed how I came to the series previously, so I’m just going to share it here anyway.

As far as I can remember, it was my best friend who introduced me to the series, who in turn got it recommended to them by my wonderful school librarian. She rocked so much, she let me borrow the whole series over the summer holidays, despite the fact I was graduating from that school! So I eagerly read them over the summer holidays. And then I forced my mum to read them too. I ended up reading The Stone Key, which was only recently released, before my friend, who then took a long time to read it!

It was in 2011 that I joined, I think I was on there for a few months before joining, and then my first post was when I saw The Sending in Big-W before the release date. It took a further few months before I started to actively post there, and I’m really glad I did. At the same time really I started my re-read of the series, which I extensively blogged through, to get reacquainted with the series before reading The Sending, and partly to hope that The Red Queen would be out during the course, so then it would all happen in one fell swoop. Of course that didn’t happen, so instead I got to read The Sending, and then I had to endure another wait like everyone else. But the community at have been amazing, and I’ve made some good friends there while we’ve been waiting, so it certainly isn’t all bad.

As you can see the series has been a large part of my life, so it’s no wonder that I look fondly to the series. And re-reading it once again for The Red Queen has been a delight.

Which book is my favourite? I think it might be The Keeping Place, we stay at Obernewtyn for a long time, and things sort of progress slowly, but in reality so much is happening. It’s also when the rebellion starts, and Elspeth

Some of my favourite moments:

  • The Moonfair at Obernewtyn in The Keeping Place, it’s really nice to see life at Obernewtyn
  • The Beforetime Complex/library in both The Farseekers, cause we meet Dragon and we start to learn about the Beforetime and their own Misfits, as well as in The Stone Key. The discussion with INES, and my curiosity at what is on the locked levels is very high.
  • Herder Island in The Stone Key, the coup is so exciting to read about
  • When we go to Sador in Ashling, while the battlegames are sad, Sador is so interesting
  • The love between Elspeth, Maruman and Gahltha
  • When Elspeth dives down in Newrome in The Keeping Place, to the Reichler Clinic and sees the statue of herself
  • The dream sequences showing us Cassy and the Beforetime, always pique my curiosity – so I can wait for The Beforetime Chronicles that Isobelle has announced

There are numerous very sad moments, which I won’t list out, just in case you haven’t read the series (which I highly recommend you should be rectifying).

Who is my favourite character? Ugh. I do love the irascible Maruman, and Gahltha. But it’s a tossup between Daemon and Swallow. There is the mystery and intrigue of Swallow, plus his ability to make Elspeth very uncomfortable. But Daemon is such a pleasant character, and has been with Elspeth for a long time, however there is the fact that he is in love with her (and the theory that he is the Destroyer), so…

Join me next week for a overview of the series so far!


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