The Obernewtyn Chronicles – Extra stories you might not know about

The countdown continues today with a few stories you might not have heard about that are in The Obernewtyn Chronicles world!

18/10 – my thoughts on the series

25/10 (today)- Discussion of the extra stories (Dark Road and The Journey)

1/11 – A recap of the series

8/11 – Predictions revisited

The Dark Road, found in Legends of Australian FantasyI reviewed the entire book previously, but just want to review it again here. Reading this again, it certainly answers a lot of questions, and of course raises more questions too. Like what is Maruman, Hannah described him as something Cassy made to go into her dreams, but he is a physical being. Then we have ‘hundreds of years or more lay between their parting’ referring to Hannah Seraphim and Jacob (which we know now loved one another and had a child, named Hannah – which explains Maruman’s cryptic phrase about Hannah carrying Hannah’s bone following Hannah, which I unfortunately can’t find), which shows that they did go into cryo (one of Cassy’s cheating of time from TSK) for a long time. There is mention of Luthen’s sword not being recovered, is it possible it is the stone sword that Elspeth has, I doubt it, but why mention it. And the mention of efari, I just want to know what happens next and what was at the end of Hannah Snr’s letter?

The Journey, a short story found in Trust Me Too. I only quite recently read this for the first time, and it actually is a story from Hannah Seraphim’s perspective, which is really exciting, and gives a hint of what Isobelle has planned in the future. And it’s not just Hannah we see the illustrious William Reichler, and Hannah’s first interaction with the man. Unfortunately for Hannah, the man who she had idolised after finding her book, turned out to be a sham and a very superficial man who objectified her. Instead she found out that his older cousin was the brains behind the operation. She ends up finding herself in a rough part of town, and is followed by a man, before being attacked by a different man who was acting to save her, and try to make her join his Nazi-esque gang. She is then actually saved, by none other than Jacob Obernewtyn. Who very interestingly reveals he is going to the Moon, where there is a base there, plus there is one on Mars too but less developed. Jacob tells her about his plan to build a refugee at Obernewtyn.

Lastly, I’ll just mentioned that Isobelle has said a number of times now that she will be writing a Beforetime Chronicles focusing on Cassy’s story, which I think is just incredibly exciting. I think she has also said she wants to write more of Matthew’s story (which I think could be another hint at him being the Destroyer).


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