Obernewtyn Chronicles Recap

To celebrate the upcoming release, each Sunday I will be posting about the Obernewtyn Chronicles with the plan being:

18/10 – my thoughts on the series

25/10  – Discussion of the extra stories (Dark Road and The Journey)

1/11 (today) – A recap of the series

8/11 – Predictions revisited

This week, it’s time to recap the series so far, with a summary of each of the books, and the big threads to be resolved!

Obernewtyn – where it all began, as we meet Elspeth, and learn of a world after a nuclear apocalypse where there are some who have Misfit powers. Elspeth is taken to Obernewtyn, which is being used by Alexi and Madam Vega to try and find the weapon(machines) which caused the apocalypse in the first place, using the Misfits they have taken there. Elspeth meets her friends Matthew and Daemon, as well as Rushton, who turns out to be the heir to Obernewtyn, and has a plan to take back Obernewtyn, which is thrown into some disarray by Elspeth. In the end they succeed, Alexi and Madam Vega die, but Ariel, escapes thought to be dead. Elspeth also learns the location of clues to find the weapons and orders them to be destroyed. We also find Elspeth to be referred to as “Innle”, the mythical beast legend who will lead the beasts to freedom.

Farseekers – after a year of life at Obernewtyn, which is now a Misfit safehaven, Elspeth journeys across the Land with a group, including new recruit, Herder (the religious cult) apprentice, Jik and his dog Darga, trying to find a powerful talent they located. Along the way, the meet Henry Druid, the Herder exile, who hates Misfits even more than Herders. They escape only to end up going down a raging river, finding an underground Beforetime city, before crashing down a waterfall. This is where they meet some rebels, Brydda, and Jik is retaken by the Herders, but is again saved by Elspeth. They find the powerful mind, Dragon, as well as a Beforetime library. Returning home, Elspeth is nearly killed by a firestorm and an old injury, but is saved by the Agyllian birds, who teach her body to heal. We learn for the first time that Elspeth is the Seeker, who must destroy the weaponmachines, before the Destroyer is able to use them. We are also told that her journey will begin, when Darga returns to Obernewtyn.

Ashling – Elspeth journeys into Sutrium to find out what is going on with the rebels, and also return a gypsy she saved from death. With her is Dragon and Matthew. While they are there, Dragon has to be knocked out, which forces her into a coma, and Matthew is taken by the slaver Salamander, in a foiled plot to expose him by Brydda. Meanwhile Elspeth returns the gypsy, only to meet Swallow, the next in line to the gypsy kingship. The meeting with the rebels ends with the Misfits gathering a force and journeying to Sador, a new desert land, to fight it out with the rebels to prove their worth. They lose, but find their new non-violent path. Elspeth learns from the Sadorian Earthtemple, that there is sign she must collect from Sador, bringing with her the Moonwater, the Daywatcher, and one of Kasanda’s blood.

The Keeping Place – Rushton, is kidnapped, forcing Elspeth to step up as leader. All the while, she dives down into Newrome to find a statue of herself in the Reichler Clinic, as well as preparing Obernewtyn for a potential retreat to Sador. Dragon still in a coma, is interrupting everyone’s dreams, and is threatening Elspeth. Crucially, Elspeth is able to view the doors she destroyed which contain the clues to the weaponmachines, by visiting them on the dreamtrails. The rebellion gets underway, and Elspeth and Obernewtyn assist the rebels, but not without great cost, as Malik, a passionate Misfit hater, betrays them, only for them to be saved by Swallow. The find Rushton, but he has been emotionally scarred and is now quite distant. Elspeth journeys into Dragon’s mind, only to find that she is the daughter of The Red Queen, in a far off land, where Matthew has been taken. The Queen was killed by her adviser, and is now ruled by slavers, and is waiting for the Queen to return.

The Stone Key – Elspeth learns that Herders are going to invade the newly freed land, with the help of Malik. She is then kidnapped by Malik and is very nearly tortured by him, but escapes and then gets on to one of the invading Herder ships, where she uses the Norse shipfolk to help hide her. However she is found and is taken prisoner on Herder Isle. However other Misfits were also aboard, and together they take control of the place, with the help of the slaves. They learn that there is going to be a plague unleashed on the West Coast, which is still under council rule, so Elspeth uses a shipfish to get there. She learns that it is Domick who was also taken at the same time as Rushton, who is infected, and she plans to prevent that by taking him to the Beforetime complex seen in The Farseekers. There, the exiled Misfits activated a computer called INES, who unfortunately can’t save Domick, but he reveals that he and Rushton were taken by Ariel. The rebels manage to take the West Coast, and then they all journey to Norseland, where Elspeth goes to Ariel’s home to look for weapons. But Rushton goes mad, and tries to attack her, and is only saved by Elspeth with the assistance of Atthis, the head Agyllian, who says there will be a price to pay. They then go to Sador, where Elspeth gains the clues previously mentioned in Ashling.

The Sending – Elspeth is preparing to leave Obernewtyn, not before she and Rushton form a golden bond, and Elspeth is able to lock inside Rushton her secret. It is then time for Darga to arrive, and the journey to begin. It takes Elspeth through the mountains on a road, and shows her that life survived in a place where it was thought all was tainted. She must then ask the help of the Brildane (wolves) to guide her to where she needs to go, they only agree after their pack leader goes seliga to find the answers. The big shock is that Elspeth has companions of this journey: Dameon, Gavyn, Rasial, Swallow, Ahmedri (Straaka’s brother, who is tasked with taking his bones home) and Analivia. They journey together, and soon come to an Observatory, which proves they are following Jacob Obernewtyn, who has the ‘key’ that Elspeth requires. They are followed by Moss (Analivia’s brother) who has captured Dragon, and he is killed, by Dragon once again is asleep. They continue through dangerous territory, and are almost trapped inside a pipe with murderous rhenlings, but escape. Dragon wakes up, with her memory restored, but soon they are all separated, and Elspeth captured by an efari. Not only that, but Rushton nearly dies on their way to The Red Queen’s Land.

The signs:

That key which must be used/found before all else is with she who first dreamed of the searcher – the hope beyond the darkness to come. We know that the key was supposed to be with Hannah Seraphim, however she was away from Obernewtyn during the Great White. And Jacob Obernewtyn, took this key, into the Blacklands

Who would/must enter the sentinel will seek the words in the house where my son was born. In TSK Elspeth finds these words: “I come unto thee, Sentinel. Judge my hand and let me pass, for all I have done was in your name.”

That which will reach the heart/centre/core of the sentinel seals a pact/promise/vow which I did forge, but never witnessed/saw. “When one door is closed another may open. Luthen’s code is Luthen’s heart”.

That which will open/access/reach the darkest door lies where the … lies/sleeps? Strange is the keeping place of this dreadful sign/key but there is no other, for all who kenw it are dead save one who does not know what she knows. Seek her past … Only through her may you go where you have never been and must someday go … danger … Beware … dragon. This fits with Dragon and her knowledge of where the grave of the Red Queen’s brother is.

Then there is also the signs from Sador, the memory seed which can be put into a port and will gain access to all levels of the Sentinel complex, and works with Elspeth and Maruman’s voices.

There is also the Stone Sword – who’s owner we know not, but all we know is that it is not quite a sword, as Dameon tells us, which may mean it is a key. I think it belongs to Dragon, unless it has to do with the efari?

Plus Elspeth is prophesied to be leading the beasts to freedom from funaga – what exactly that means is difficult to know and difficult to see coming true. I would think Gavyn has a role, and perhaps it has to do with the Eden Project where they were trying to cryo all the animals, but that sounds like a poor freedom.

Less than 2 weeks remains!


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