The Red Queen Predictions Revisited

So to continue by Red Queen posts, let’s take a look at just how did with all the predictions I had. I don’t think I did that well.

Spoilers below!


Let’s begin! The bold is my revisiting of the predictions, and the italics my thoughts now.

  • Ok, so Elspeth is obviously going to find herself waking up in the Beforetime city, with the efari, and it won’t take her too long at all to find Miryum and wake up her. I think this is fairly reasonable, though ‘won’t take too long’, is perhaps debatable. She certainly woke up there, and ‘too long’ yeah took a while.
  • As for the efari, my guess is that they aren’t actually people, I think they are probably robots designed to protect the city. I think it makes more sense that the efari are robots, I mean just look at the suit this one had. Which is going to make everything a challenge, if these are robots, they aren’t really going to be easily swayed. But what are they guarding the city for? Beasts? Wandering people like Elspeth? I don’t think the efari took the wolves, actually I’m not sure, because why would the efari pop up from under the sand? Maybe the efari are protecting the city against Chinon and maybe the White faced-lords. Or maybe they were designed to protect this place which has important stuff (more on that in a sec) I think the efari are definitely robots, but there may just also be people surviving (as I say in the next one) Well correct that they are robots, but not guarding the city – rather trying to collect people. And they didn’t take the wolves!
  • Which means, the efari are just the guardians of the Beforetime city, there are people around. Not many, but there are people still surviving. I don’t think the efari are sophisticated enough to put Miryum and Cassy into stasis, there has to be someone pulling some of the ropes. Maybe there are descendants from the Beforetime Misfits here? Well then. There certainly were people, but not quite being guarded, rather than kept. And I guess the efari weren’t sophisticated enough because it was under God’s directive?
  • As for what ‘here’ is, I don’t believe it is the Sentinel, it’d be a nice thought, but I know Isobelle has said that Elspeth goes to the Red Land physically, and why else would she do that, if the Sentinel wasn’t there? So this Pellanor Quadrant is, hmm, a facility of some sort, possibly the Eden project is involved. Since that would make sense with the cryogenics that was said to have been moved there. I do think it’s the Eden project which would make a lot of sense – and potentially allows Elspeth to fulfil ‘beast freedom thing’ but then again, I doubt she’d do it that quickly Yeah not the Eden project but was a facility
  • So why is Elspeth heading there? To get Hannah’s key, I guess. Which means Jacob would have made it to the city, before being captured by the efari, which brings an interesting thought, if there really is cryogenics, then maybe Jacob is still alive? Personally I think that the efari or whoever put the people into stasis, so they actually heal from the taint poisoning, using whatever fancy medicines they have in this place, and I’d say they’d reanimate them later, since what’s the point of keeping them frozen forever? This is an interesting one, because Jacob certainly came this way (so did Hannah carrying Hannah – from The Dark Road), and I don’t really see how he could arrive and then not be taken by efari as he approached, or when he got there. So I think it’s possible, but unlikely that he could still be around, as could Hannah – at the very least some descendants. Well Jacob certainly did get there, but both weren’t alive. Descendants – I dunno, there may have been from Hannah Jnr, not sure.
  • So if Jacob is alive, he would have the key, but this would make things very awkward and weird. Would he try to continue on with them? If he is alive, he is very old. And maybe he isn’t alive, and he’s just turned himself into a computer program, so he can appear to be alive, to help people or more importantly, see Hannah again. I could see the key being something that is quite sacred to these people now after all this time, so getting it from them might take some convincing – until someone walks in (Hannah?) who says it’s all good. Nope, nope, nope.
  • A bigger question is, could Cassy still be alive, frozen in animation? We saw her there at one point, but we have no idea when that was in the time scale. It would be interesting if she was alive, but I don’t see the point of her still being alive. It’d be handy, but I doubt she is alive. But, since she vanished from Sador, anything is technically possible. I’m less confident that this would be a thing. Nope, no idea what happened to her.
  • What’s the deal with the stone sword? That is a very good question, because it isn’t related to Elspeth’s quest, but it belongs to someone. But that someone couldn’t actually have had it when Cassy made it, since they’d be dead (unless of course Jacob is alive or something). I though it might be Dragon’s, but we really need to translate it to find out, and I think the efari/Beforetime people will be able to help. Still thinking that it is Dragon’s, how it can be used, it really seems like a key of some sort. Well it is indirectly Dragon’s, and it was a key. Still never knew what it said though.
  • How is the final scene going to go down? Obviously it’s Destroyer v Elspeth, and Elspeth is going to win, but as to how and why, I really have no idea. I just can’t think of how Elspeth has to destroy the sentinel. And the bigger question of what Elspeth is going to do with the Destroyer!
  • As for Elspeth’s other destiny to lead the beasts to the freerunning barud, I have no idea. Maybe the eden project has to do with it, maybe not. I just don’t actually like the idea that the beasts saviour is a world without humans. Hold on, is the wording funaga? That’s usually used with derision, so maybe the funaga become beasts again, or something? I have had thoughts that the animals will be sent to the moon, since there is definitely a moon base up there, and perhaps no people? Definitely the Eden project, but that was quite unexpected. So she just literally had to free some animals who were trapped in cryostasis. Is that even a good idea – is it just two animals of each species cause that would be dumb. And even if there were more animals, how are they going to survive?  And even if it was a dog or something, they would be different to current dogs.

Okay some more definite, proper predictions:

  1. Dragon, Ahmedri, Swallow and Analivia are all alive. Dameon, however is not (one of them HAS to die!). Neither is either Darga or Gahltha, one of them has died, and it will make Elspeth so sad. Gavyn and Rasial are also alive, since they still have roles to play, and one can’t survive without the other (gosh that sounds like Harry Potter!). I’m not convinced that Dameon will be dead from the get go, but he probably will die at some point – though I do feel like there may be a big shock for Elspeth as she wakes. Well nope NONE OF THEM DIED INITIALLY. 
  2. Ahmedri is going to collect Straaka’s bones, and be off, after that, he has no role in the quest itself, so I don’t think he’ll be allowed to remain. I think he’ll want to to some degree, but something will prevent him. I guess his vows prevented him. 
  3. Atthis’ replacement, will arrive at the end of part one, and take Elspeth, Maruman and Dragon off to the Red Land! I think that’s a good explanation of how they’ll get there, and sadly everyone else will have to be left behind. Maybe Swallow will come along too, but he might not want to leave Analivia. I’m not so sure about this, they do need some way to get to the Red Queen’s Land – unless they are almost to The Spit, in which case they could continue on with the expedition, because the RQL is across oceans. But it would make it hard for Gahltha to come (so he could be dead). HAHAHAHA NO. Atthis’ replacement did bugger all in the end.
  4. Rushton is going to wake up, and they are all going to make it to the red land, coincidentally at the same time as Elspeth/Dragon/Maruman. Probably a given. Rushton’s story is more interesting, but far more mysterious, than that
  5. I honestly can’t see how they can defeat the slavers without Dragon, so they’ll only be able to hold them off for a moment, before Dragon arrives to set off the rebellion. Yeah I don’t know how they are going to go without Dragon, considering they are facing Salamander and his boat, and they are quite weak and depleted as it is. Indeed it all came down to Dragon.
  6. That rebellion will be somewhat short lived, as the white faced lords return with weapons and start blasting at them and destroying much of the place. They in turn will actually be destroyed by Salamander and Ariel in someway. Or maybe, the efari can come give them a hand? The White Face Lords are certainly an interesting thorn, and likely will complicate things. . Nah.
  7. The Sentinel is most definitely in the Red Land, and the entina is either related to the sentinel, or it will help defeat the white faced lords somehow. I feel like entina = sentinel. Yes and not just that the words are the same (s)entina(l)!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. Dragon, Elspeth and Matthew will have to work together to find the final sign, and that will be awkward for a bit Dragon probably will remember some location, and Matthew will be able to take them there. Huh well Dragon dreams of the location, and Matthew saves her. But Elspeth is disconnected largely, we get too little Matthew.
  9. Ok, this should be a given, that Elspeth will be successful and the Destroyer doesn’t win, because that would be such a bummer to end the book on! “The world ended.” IC wouldn’t be that cruel. Surely. Yep
  10. So who is the Destroyer, which is like the ultimate question. I have to say Jes, I just don’t think he’s dead, he was in Obernewtyn (which is according to IC one of the criteria, but she could always be lying or careful with her words, how do we know she isn’t saying they’ve been to Obernewtyn, which ironically would rule out Jes), it would be somewhat fitting (brother v sister), and he had the killing power, which would most certainly give him the means to destroy the world. Where has he been this whole time? I would say Ariel has had him, that’s a possibility, but I’m not sure. If Jes isn’t the Destroyer, he isn’t dead. My backup for the Destroyer, is probably Daffyd, he’s been around from the start, and pops up every now and again, so if Jes isn’t it, it’s Daffyd. I’m less inclined to say Jes, it’s my gut, but apparently Isobelle said he was dead, and then she changed her mind, which would make him not the Destroyer. But this could be an elaborate ruse. Daffyd is highly possible. There’s also Matthew, who I’m unsure if he’s just a good red herring, or if I’m reading too much into it, because so many signs point to him. Well that was a big nope – Jes didn’t really come up (apart from weird, perhaps that’s why Elspeth fails at emotions). And the Destroyer ended up being Lidge!
  11. Elspeth and Rushton WILL be together, and they WILL get back to Obernewtyn because I said so. plz Nope 😦 Well they are together, but not at Obernewtyn
  12. Dragon and Matthew will stay in the Red Land, and maybe that’s the free running barud, like it was when Dragon’s mother was in charge. Probably the first part, but unlikely the second. Yep, and sorta yep since it was connected but nope.
  13. Swallow and Analivia will be together, but will stay in the Red Land (or even Pellamor Quadrant) Agreed. Swallow 😦 
  14. Maruman will disappear after the quest, since his role in the world is done (like Gandalf, he’s just an immortal being who is here for the final quest). Quite likely. Actually nope

Out there prediction for bonus points:

  1. Elspeth is pregnant! I don’t think she is, but there is a possibility that she is. Why else is she peeing so much. (Is Elspeth’s baby the Destroyer???????) Really unlikely, and a terrible idea (it’s way too early for her to need to pee so much, it’s been, what, a month?) Nope but two other pregnancies!
  2. Ariel actually saves the day, and isn’t all that bad, but still is eaten by entina. Hmm, Ariel is certainly not all that he seems Not at all, he’s just plain evil.
  3. Malik isn’t dead, or someone else we thought dead is still alive! Probably Jes Nope
  4. Things are unexpected! Duh Yep
  5. Is it evil to think that maybe the book will end with the need to defeat the White Faced lords, and Elspeth has now a new purpose in life? It is evil, and explains why it is 1100+ pages, cause there is so much to get finished! Nope, she has no purpose really

Further predictions

Lidgebaby – I’m so curious about her/him (? did we find that out). I feel they surely have some sort of role. It’s possible Ariel has them as a null, but how they survived so long is curious. Cause Ariel surely noticed them when he was with the Druid. It was just such a powerful being, surely it has some role to play. MWHAHAHAHA I was correct sorta.


Well I certainly didn’t quite pick most things, but I picked a few. I think this is it for now on The Red Queen (until I reread it), normal posts next Sunday!


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