Let it Snow – three Holiday Romances

Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Can’t hold it back anymore. What that’s not how it goes? Everytime I see the title of this book I just think of “Let it Go” from Frozen. This is an interesting book, as it is three separate stories written by Maureen Johnson, John Green and Lauren Myracle, and they are integrated by all occurring in the same town. So it makes for an interesting read as characters who earlier were centre to the plot, show up later on the side-lines. I quite enjoyed all three stories. And I’m one who does not rush to read romance novels at all. Sure there was a predictability to all the stories, but, they’re a good enough, quick, uplifting, Christmas read (speaking of Christmas, I hope everyone had a lovely day!).

The Jubilee Express

This first story by Marueen Johnson, details the adventures of Jubilee whose parents were arrested over a riot trying to buy the latest piece for the Flobie Santa Village (reminds me a little of John Green’s black santa collecting family in Paper Towns). This results in her having to spend Christmas Eve heading to her grandparents, but the train gets stuck. She meets Jeb on the train, who is trying to reach his girlfriend, as well, she is stuck with a bunch of cheerleaders, which leads to her go home with Stuart, and proceed to take a dip in a frozen river (not on purpose). She eventually realises just how much of a dud her perfect boyfriend, Noah, is, and falls in love with Stuart (who just brokeup with his girlfriend who was cheating on him). Moral of the story: if you’re perfect boyfriend can’t make time to talk to you after you’ve been through one hell of a Christmas Eve, perhaps not the best boyfriend.

A Cheertastic Christmas Miracle

This was John Green’s novel, and predictably, I enjoyed it. Three friends, Tobin, Duke (the ‘tomboy’ girl Angie) and JP are at home watching James Bond, when their friend, Keun, rings to inform them of a sudden influx of cheerleaders (whose train broke down in the first story) to his Waffle House, and that the cheerleaders are requesting Twister. If they can make it there before two other groups (one for each of the two other employees at the Waffle House) then they can hang with the girls (which is obviously the best thing in the world). The problem is that there’s been a snowstorm, so getting there is a hard feat. After almost dying about three times, they make it. Only to find that the Twister ignored, just like all of them. But along the way Duke and Tobin realise that maybe, perhaps, they both like one another.

The Patron Saint of Pigs

The final story by Lauren Myracle, brought all three stories together neatly at the end. But first it dealt with Addie who recently broke up with Jeb, who we first met in The Jubilee Express, after she cheated on him. Largely it was because she thought he didn’t show enough affection and she wanted to change him. She tried to contact him (but given he was stuck) he didn’t respond, so she thought the relationship was over. The story shows her trying to deal with the breakup, but more importantly, gets her to realise her self-centered ways, which were pointed out by her friends. As she almost fails getting a teacup pig for her friend, it is crunch time for her, but she manages to get the pig, and the boy. I think this story had a good message and an important one at that.


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