Magnus Chase and the Sword of Summer

New Riordan! And a brand new series, it’s really exciting! And it’s Norse mythology, which I know very little about (only stuff from American Gods, cause I haven’t seen the Thor movies… or really read into it before). So I’m quite excited to learn more about the mythology (not that the books are perfect, but still pick up a few things). Further excitement is that I have a signed edition!


It’s always nice to read Riordan, it’s so light. Yes there’s sadness in parts, but his narration style is so light and cheerful, it’s fun to read. This was no exception. Reading about Valhalla and Magnus’ roommates, I can see many a good time ahead!

Now I am immensely interested in Norse mythology. What exactly are each of the Nine Worlds. Who are all the gods? So much mythology. And so many long, unpronounceable words. There was so much packed into the book, and while it gets repetitive in the fact that to have to find this god who wants a favour, so you then have to go and try and do that, in the process have some big challenge, but succeed, and then move on to the next god. Despite this invariably being big chunks of plot of all of Riordan’s work, because each one is different, and you have different gods and quests and abilities, it doesn’t get old.

I really liked the integration of Annabeth, and I’m excited to see where this goes in the future.

The epilogue is good too, evil Loki. Loki is a great character, you aren’t sure if he’s on your side, or just talking sweetly and is trying to trick you. Which is a significant component of this book: who can you trust? Can you trust Uncle Randolph? What about Sam? Loki? Odin? Who knows! It’s nice to be kept guessing.

My edition also had a short story – The Crown of Ptolemy, which is the third Percy-Annabeth/Sadie-Carter cross-over story. It was good to see them again, and I liked their little tale.


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