Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy

This is one of the SF classics that I have been meaning to get around to for a while. I have watched the movie version, which I think I thought was alright at the time. So reading through this, it did feel familiar to some extent, and I of course couldn’t help picturing the characters with their actors, especially Martin Freeman as Arthur Dent. This previous exposure may have been a bad thing, because I didn’t love it all that much…I’m not entirely sure what it was, I’m thinking that it was that I had some idea of the plot which made me feel rather underwhelmed by it all. I really do think knowing the ‘answer’ and knowing about the computer, and knowing about Marvin being depressed and the dolphins just made things less interesting. Which is exactly why I don’t like to go into books knowing too much in the first place, because I fear that this will happen.

The writing also left me underwhelmed. I didn’t find all that much funny, and I wasn’t particularly enthralled by the story either, it rather felt like plodding along. So in my eyes it didn’t feel like a particularly momentous or good book. I certainly didn’t hate it, but my expectations weren’t met.

Overall, I was just left thinking that it was good enough. I am interested enough to read the rest of the series, just to see where things go, and perhaps uncover if it was plot knowledge that dampened my enjoyment of the book, or if I just don’t like Douglas’ style.


One thought on “Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy

  1. My dad finished this book a year or so ago (and did like it enough to start reading the sequel now) after years of keeping it around when his mother gave it to him for Christmas. I’ve told this story before, but my grandmother loved it and thought it was a modern classic when she read it, and gave it as a present to her husband, sister, and three sons.

    Husband: Did not appear to like it very much, but was polite and would probably say it was okay.
    Sister: Thought it was funny to begin with, but dragged as it went on aimlessly.
    First son (My father): Didn’t start reading it.
    Second son: Highly critical of it.
    Third son: Loved it, and wanted to read the sequels.

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