The Little Fur Series

The Little Fur Series is written by Isobelle Carmody, and consists of four novels:

  • Little Fur: The Legend of Little Fur
  • A Fox Called Sorrow
  • A Mystery of Wolves
  • A Riddle of Green

They are nicely illustrated, and exist in interesting book jackets (felt/fur like). They are more aimed towards children, but I still enjoyed them. I read the first by audio-book and it was read by Isobelle herself, and I loved hearing her do it, because she put on voices, which I kept hearing as I read. 

They follow Little Fur, who is half-Elf, half-Troll, who is a Healer, and must always remain connected to the ground, lest she be severed from the Earth Spirit. There are many trials and tribulations, as the evil Troll King tries to destroy the Earth Spirit, but Little Fur gets in his way.

The tale really does impress upon you how destructive humans can be, and Little Fur fears them, and thinks that humans are nasty creatures. But she comes to realise, that not all humans are evil and destructive, and that humans are able to be kind, etc.

Overall I found them to be enjoyable, and liked reading about Little Fur’s journeys. The conclusion was rather satisfying and pulled closed many of the loose ends that were hanging about, which were nicely woven into the stories, which could be standalone.


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