More Than This by Patrick Ness

Ah Patrick Ness, no matter what it is you write, you do it so well. And you never fail to destroy me, but this time there was a bit less destroying, but even more awesomeness. 

The story starts out with a vivid description of a teenage boy drowning in an ocean, and then proceeding to die. Yeah, didn’t think that was going to happen on the first few pages of a book, but this is Ness. We then see the boy waking up, but where is he, what is this, what is going on. This last phrase, I said it consistently while reading it, and perhaps shouted it a few times. We didn’t even find out who the character was for quite a while. And I just love that, it just keeps you guessing about what this place is. Is this the afterlife? Is this some sort of dream? Is this reality and the other life a dream? And the ever existential question of does the answer really matter?

I don’t want to say too much further about the actual content, but it’s enough to say that there are many twists and turns, and a lot of action. But one thing I will mention is just how awesomely written it is. And we have a whole bunch of chapters which are dedicated to showing Seth’s life before he drowned. And there is more sadness in that too, so much sadness.

But it is such a good book, and everyone read Ness now and suffer, but it’s a good suffering I promise.


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