Chimera – Mira Grant

This is the finale for the Parisitology series by Mira Grant (aka Seanan McGuire), my reviews of Parasite and Symbiont can be found there. While I enjoyed the previous books, the second book wasn’t as good as I hoped. But this conclusion was satisfying, and redeemed the series a bit. It still isn’t amazing, it’s good, but not quite up to the Newsflesh level of amazingness. I’m not entirely sure what it is that makes it a bit less amazing. I think the idea is excellent – that we willing have given ourselves tapeworms which improve and control our health, and they end up starting to take us over – and it’s right up my alley. But the execution wasn’t quite up there. There weren’t quite the same level thrills and shocks as in Newsflesh, and perhaps I’m just getting trapped in a comparison spiral, but it’s a hard thing to get out of when I was so blown away with them.

This is definitely not to say that the series has been bad, it has been a good series, and I am quite pleased and content with this ending. Grant wraps things up quite nicely. Though the ending is shorter than I expected, as in, there were less than 60 pages before the book ended, and we were still in the planning stages for a final attack. But a quick finish isn’t always bad.

I do think that we finally get to see Sal become her own person (no pun, intended :P) in this book. And though we still have her fall unconscious a few times, that soon ends, as she starts to take charge and move forward.

I eagerly look forward to more Mira Grant in the future.


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