Death on the Nile – Poirot

This is my first foray into Agatha Christie and Poirot, I have never read any of her work, or watched any of the countless TV shows based on it. So this was quite exciting to see what this classic mystery author had in store for me.

I’m quite happy with how easy a read it was. Christie’s writing style just flows nicely, it isn’t jarring and it isn’t overly flowery and pretentious. The plot itself moves along well, and while it isn’t the most shocking book, it has good twists and turns to keep you a little in the dark. But I guess you have to keep it in context, that these were some of the original murder mysteries, and so at the time would have been more groundbreaking.

Poirot himself is an interesting character, who’s major flaw is the fact he loves a dramatic reveal, to the detriment of actually catching the criminal. I can see some Sherlock Holmes in him – but I wonder if that is really true, or if that is just my bias coming through.

I can definitely see myself reading more of Agatha Christie in the future.


One thought on “Death on the Nile – Poirot

  1. One of the worst mistakes I’ve made as a reader is that I read the last Hercule Poirot novel first and that’s the only Agatha Christie book I’ve read. That said – don’t look forward to meeting Arthur Hastings. He sucks.

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