Le Petit Prince – Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

This is the first novel I’ve read completely in French, and the first one I’ve read in a native language other than English. So it was quite exciting from that perspective. It’s also quite a classic in its own right. It’s fairly short, and has some lovely illustrations.

Reading it in the original French was a challenge. My French is fairly mediocre, but I was still able to get a reasonable grasp on what was going on, with the occasional help of a dictionary (though I left many words untranslated, otherwise I’d be reading it for another month!). Despite this challenge, I still thoroughly enjoyed reading the book. The story was beautiful, and it was quite emotive.

The story revolved around the little prince, who came from asteroid B-612, who is travelling around trying to find a solution for his gardening issue. A beautiful rose is growing on his asteroid, and he wants to protect it. But how? At least that was the meaning I got, wikipedia seems to say that the little prince figured out that the rose was manipulating him, so he wanted to see the world. So perhaps my French is a bit rustier than I thought! Eventually he comes to Earth, where he finds a friend.

Now I’m actually curious to read it in accurately translated English, and perhaps one day I will.

Well worth reading, perhaps not in the original French, unless you’re fluent!


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