Tomorrow When the War Began Reread

It seems like this is the year of the reread – first Red Rising and Golden Son and then Harry Potter and now this. The last time I read these was 10 years ago! And I absolutely loved them then. The reason why I am rereading them now, is because there was a recent ABC (Australia) TV series based on the first book. Now it wasn’t the best adaptation, and it was hardly true to the book, but it still made me want to reread the books and see what they were actually like, since I had forgotten about them. And not only has there been a TV show, there was also a movie based on the first book, which did ok, but clearly not good enough to warrant sequels to cover the subsequent books.

So reading through this first book definitely was nostalgic. There was excitement, and there was survival, and it was about teenagers, which obviously resonated with me back in the day when I first read the series. Reading through it now, I’m fairly pleased with the first book. I think it does quite well at portraying the horrors of war, and the harsh reality of it, for those young people growing up around it.

And I think another strength is the realism of it. The characters react in ways which I could definitely see myself reacting in, or another person reacting like. Ok the idea of an invasion from an enemy force to Australia undetected and so successfully is out there, but certainly not impossible.

It is also interesting to see just how much has changed since the book was written, like the lack of mobile phones and no real mention of the internet. It just reminds me how fast technology has progressed in such a short period of time. And now I wonder how the book would be written if it were written today. Would Hell have to be a blackspot? And surely some farmhouses would have a satellite phone? [the TV show did have mobile phones, and an infuriating scene where the parents decided to delete photos of their kids off their phones, but do it in a one by one manner, which was so slow].

I’m curious to see how the series goes, because I only remember vague bits and pieces.


4 thoughts on “Tomorrow When the War Began Reread

      1. I’m enjoying reading them. They are so familiar it’s a bit like coming home to family. We only got 2-3 episodes into the show though, some of the plot additions ie Robyn liking Lee and seeing the perspectives of the parents just felt weird and mostly it just made me want to read the books so I could get my facts straight! We recorded them all though so may get back to them one day….

  1. It amused me the way the movie seemed so desperate to integrate technogloy, with the characters communicating almost entirely via video chats. Because that is totally what teenagers do. Texting? What’s that?

    I did like the way the TV series followed the parents’ stories because I hadn’t thought of them much when I read the books. It was all about Ellie and her friends, with not much interest for those interned in town.

    This book is on my list for re-reading, too – also because of the TV show! I loved the first three books in the series and I kind of wish it hadn’t been revived after that as it was such an unsettling ending in all the best ways.

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