Harry Potter and the Cursed Child

So it’s been a little while now since this ‘book’ has been released (and a very long while since I’ve actually posted anything on this blog – apologies for that, I’m hoping to rectify things and start posting again, though likely on a less scheduled basis). And it’s been a few days since I finished it, and I think I have had enough time to come to terms with what this is and what it isn’t. I think the most important thing to acknowledge is that this is not a book. This is not the 8th Harry Potter novel. And I don’t think it was written by JK Rowling all that much (there are two other authors – John Tiffany and Jack Thorne). This is a play “based on an original new story”, and more so than that, this is the rehearsal script. If you keep these things in mind, and don’t have huge expectations, I think you’ll enjoy it. If however you go in thinking this is really the 8th novel, you’re going to be disappointed.

Before I read this, I had heard some discussions by my friends which weren’t favourable or glowing, so I definitely went in to this with low expectations, so I ended up having a good time. It was an enjoyable read, which I finished in two days (helped by the fact that it was a script so it wasn’t dense). To be truthful, I felt like I came away reading fanfiction and not the real thing, but that doesn’t diminish my enjoyment of it, it just means that in my brain I don’t really classify this as official or concretely connected to the series.

I have to point out that there were a few inconsistencies – you shouldn’t be able to get into Hogwarts via the Floo network, and polyjuice potion you can’t whip up instantly, and plenty more. It confuses me as to how these exist at all, and I think points strongly to the fact that JK was not that involved.

And the whole idea of the story wasn’t the greatest. Like involving time travel to try and correct things over huge time periods never works well. And it became so grandfather paradoxy that I really wanted that aspect to end. And really? Voldemort fathered a child. Just no. Go away.

But while I was reading this, I meekly rolled my eyes, and just went along with it all, so I ended up not hating it, and not even being disappointed by it. I would love to be able to see the play in it’s proper format in whatever way possible in the future.


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