I really enjoy getting comments from people, and they are what motivate me to do this blog. The discussions in comments are what I really enjoy seeing, so keep them coming!

But I just want to clarify what is and what is not acceptable on this blog, to ensure that everyone can have a good time here, and can feel welcome. Ultimately, it’s up to my discretion, as the administrator of this site, to make the final call.

Firstly, to make a comment, you are required to add an email address (which are never made public), and name (as well as a link to your blog or website, if you wish). This is to reduce the amount of spam that gets through the filter. If you have a wordpress.com account, it should automatically fill out this section.

Secondly, each and every comment is read by me, before being published (i.e. moderated). This is to ensure that all comments are appropriate, and to give greater control and security (since I don’t want a comment that could be offensive, or against this policy, to go public without my approval). This means, that your comment may not be visible for a few hours (or days, depending on how active I am), but don’t worry, it will become visible as soon as I am able to check it.

Thirdly, as I mentioned above, ultimately it is up to my discretion, as to which comments are made public, and which are not. I’m not here to restrict ‘freedom of speech’, or to censor people, but there are times when I my decide not to publish your comment at all, or to edit the comment to ensure I am comfortable with it being made visible on this site.

So what isn’t acceptable?

  • Excessive swearing (I tend to avoid swearing, to make it suitable for all readers, so your comment will be edited, to remove/obscure any explicit language)
  • General bigotry, racism, sexism, etc. Everyone has the right to an enjoyable time here, and putting people down (even if that isn’t your intent) isn’t acceptable. If you’re quoting something from a book, that is said, then this is acceptable
  • Sexually explicit comments, again if it’s a quote, then it may be acceptable, but tend to err on the side of caution (you should be able to see what’s acceptable by following what I do myself)
  • Hate speech, or comments invoking violence in any form to both fictional characters and real people (i.e. x deserved to get bashed)
  • Spoilers see this page

I just want to ensure that this is a safe environment for people, and that everyone can enjoy their time here, no matter who they are.

If your comment doesn’t show up, just post another comment (ensuring there aren’t any links in the comment, since sometimes they can be caught by the spam filter) and I’ll try to find the comment, or I will email you/reply to the comment, explaining why I didn’t post the comment. Or if you want your comment deleted, leave another comment or you can email me at danielisreading [at] gmail [dot] com