The Great Gatsby Movie

After reading the book quite some time ago, and not overly liking it, I’ve finally watched Baz Luhrmann’s 2013 adaptation.

The Great Gatsby Cast at the Australian Premiere in Sydney. By Eva Rinaldi
The Great Gatsby Cast at the Australian Premiere in Sydney. By Eva Rinaldi via Flickr

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The Great Gatsby by F Scott Fitzgerald Review

It’s taken me nearly three months to get thorough this book! I honestly thought I would finish it about 2 and a half months ago, and that I might have even finished Catch 22 by now, and started another book, by that’s not how it worked. Life got in the way, and I just wasn’t interested enough in the book to really want to firstly read it, but also post about it. Do I regret choosing to read it? No. I’m happy I read it, it is after all a ‘classic’, and it is claimed to be one of the ‘best’ books ever, so I’m happy I’ve read it, and been able to experience it for myself. Not all books are going to be to my liking, that’s a fact, but I do like reading some books I’m not going to like. Which sounds really stupid, but what I’m saying is that I’m happy to read a book like this, to experience it, and be able to form an opinion on it myself, even if I don’t like it, I have at least read it, and know what it’s about.

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The Great Gatsby – Chapter 9

Chapter Nine

So here we are, the final chapter of The Great Gatsby! A final post giving my overall review of the book will be posted soon, and I’ll be reading the 40-50 page introduction in the Popular Penguin edition, and I may comment on that as well. As for chapter 9, it’s immediately clear that Gatsby died, and that’s a shock to me, I didn’t see it coming or know it was going to happen. I did find it interesting that Nick told the story 2 years after.

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The Great Gatsby – Chapter 8

Chapter Eight

So comes the aftermath of Daisy killing Myrtle, by accident, and not really doing anything to come forward and say ‘hey it was me’. Ok I have to admit, that it is a traumatic experience for both Gatsby and Daisy, and I understand the reluctance to not step forward, and to not want to admit that you killed someone. But, it’s going to be found out soon enough, and it’s worse to try to keep denying it, and not do anything, much better to admit your guilt, than hide it. And what happens in this chapter just escalates things further.

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The Great Gatsby – Chatper 7

Chapter Seven

Finally I’ve read through this chapter, and have continued The Great Gatsby, it was a long time coming, and hopefully I’ll have the final two chapter finished this month!

One day, Gatsby’s stopped holding parties, the lights went off, and as Nick puts it, ‘Trimalchio’ was over (which interestingly was a working title for this whole story: someone who worked hard to get to the top after starting at the bottom, is my understanding). When Nick went to find out what was wrong, he met a butler, who we haven’t seen before, and told him that Gatsby isn’t sick, and then proceeded to slam the door in his face. Very strange indeed. Later Nick found out that Gatsby fired all his staff, and replaced them with new ones, but, apparently they aren’t actually going to the town, instead, ordering things over the phone. Some people think they aren’t servants at all, and I’m questioning their existence! But when Gatsby calls the next morning, he explains that he just didn’t want servants who would gossip, because, Daisy has been coming over regularly, and he needs to keep these meetings private.

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Some Facts about The Great Gatsby and an Explanation of Sorts


So I know I haven’t been posting very much lately, but, that’s because there is this thing called life that gets in the way. And it’s going to stay in the way for around the next seven months! So, I won’t be able to post everyday (in fact, I doubt I ever will be able to again), and I have no idea how often I will be able to post. But, I am committed, to this blog, and, to reading through more The Classics. Bookish Topic Tuesday will continue on, meaning there’ll be at least one post a week. I’ll keep my current format of reading through a chapter and posting about it, but they will be infrequent, and, I think that the length of posts will be cut (probably a good thing), and the posts themselves will be somewhat different to my previous ones. Also, the random, single-post reviews will continue, but my personal reading time, has also been cut, so they won’t be all that frequent either. I thank you all for your continued support, and almost ironically, I’ve had the most consistent number of views since I’ve been posting less, and this past month, I’ve had the most views of any month, which is amazing (averaging over 70 a day)! Thanks so much! I’ll always be around to respond to your comments, and I love seeing them (but note, there may be some delay before they appear, more on that in the ‘soon’ to be posted Comments Policy I am also writing).

Secondly (and lastly):

Mentalfloss have created a very interesting list of Great Gatsby Facts (link), and considering nothing has been posted about The Great Gatsby for a while, I thought this could tide you over. It reveals that Gatsby was not at all a roaring success, and when Fitzgerald died, the second print still had 3000 unsold copies! Fitzgerald was hardly paid anything for the book, and the subsequent movie, which was also a flop. And then, after World War 2 (helped by sending 150,000 copies to the US troops – why on earth would they send a book out that was a critical failure, and wasn’t very popular?????), the book started to gain popularity, and I have to really wonder WHY? I think I’ve said it before, that maybe it’s me, not being American, that limits my enthusiasm for this book, but, I have to wonder what the perspective of an American about this book actually is. Is it really so loved over there? Let me know. Plus, what’s your favourite Gatsby fact from the list (or one of your own)?

The Great Gatsby – Chatper 6

Chapter Six

Long time no see Gatsby! I know I said I wouldn’t be posting as frequently. But I didn’t anticipate that I wouldn’t post on it for a whole week (see when I wrote even this I thought I would post it yesterday, but didn’t get around to it!) ! I keep saying to myself you’ve got time to go post about it, and read it, but I just find myself doing absolutely anything but writing about the next chapter. It’s not that I hate reading The Great Gatsby, it’s just that I’m not finding it as enjoyable to read as I thought I would. Not that much is really happening, and I’m actually not a fan of Fitzgerald’s writing style. It’s not at all like Mein Kampf which was nearly impossible to read, and I’m going to continue reading it, I just felt I should inform you all, why I’m not really posting about it. I’m just not inspired to spend the time posting about it, certainly not like I was for The Sending, since I really wanted to read that book. I hope that Catch-22 pleases me a lot more, so I can continue to post more often!

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