Let it Snow – three Holiday Romances

Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Can’t hold it back anymore. What that’s not how it goes? Everytime I see the title of this book I just think of “Let it Go” from Frozen. This is an interesting book, as it is three separate stories written by Maureen Johnson, John Green and Lauren Myracle, and they are integrated by all occurring in the same town. So it makes for an interesting read as characters who earlier were centre to the plot, show up later on the side-lines. I quite enjoyed all three stories. And I’m one who does not rush to read romance novels at all. Sure there was a predictability to all the stories, but, they’re a good enough, quick, uplifting, Christmas read (speaking of Christmas, I hope everyone had a lovely day!).

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Will Grayson, Will Grayson by John Green and David Levithan

I didn’t want to expect with this novel, and I was most interested to see how it would work with two authors. I could see quite quickly that each author wrote alternating chapters, and later found out that they wrote their chapters individually, and then read each other their current chapter, before working on the next one (obviously a lot of editing happened to make it cohesive). And they really executed a good book. It took a few chapters for me to warm up to the story, and it wasn’t until the two Will Graysons (hence the name) met that I started to enjoy it. Overall I liked it, but I wouldn’t rave about it.

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An Abundance of Katherines

This is now my fourth foray into John Green’s novels. I’ve written about the last three, and I’ve really liked them. And this time was no different, in fact perhaps my favourite. So I’m a little miffed that it’s his lowest rated and lowest read book on Goodreads, which of course means absolutely nothing in terms of the quality of the book, but it’s obvious that it’s not hugely popular. Now, having seen that, and looked a bit at his Only if you have read An Abundance of Katherines tumblr, I can actually see why people weren’t so hot on the book, but a lot of the things which made them hate it, is what made me like it.

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Paper Towns by John Green

This is my third John Green novel, and I have loved them all. They are just so easy to read (I finish them in 2 days – though actually that’s probably only significant because I’m so used to reading mammoth books like A Feast for Crows which take a bit more time not just because of length) and I love his writing style. I was quite aware that this is 3/3 for a story where it revolves around a guy and a girl and some love, but that’s fine, that’s Green’s thing obviously. Though I can see where some criticism comes from that it’s always three guys who are enamoured with these ‘hot’ women, but I think Green is using it more to comment on teenage guys rather than ‘be sexist’. And Paper Towns is becoming a movie!

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Looking for Alaska by John Green

Another book by John Green, the first I read was The Fault in Our Starsand I liked LfA just as much as I did TFioS. His writing style just works with me, and the books are so easy to devour very quickly, because the writing just flows. I think it really is a very good high school story. More specifically it is a boarding school story, one centred around Miles, a kid who has come to find the Great Perhaps in another state, where his father went to boarding school. And it’s a very interesting story, filled with tragedy, love, humour and pranks.

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Bookish Topic Tuesday – What is Canon?

Bookish Topic Tuesday

What is Canon?

So last week the Harry Potter fandom erupted a little, all because of a new interview in Wonderland magazine, which hadn’t actually come out yet. The interview was between JK herself and Emma Watson. The Sunday Times reported that “Harry should have wed Hermione” and that “she got it wrong [wedding Ron and Hermione]”. And this caused some old fan wars to erupt over whether Harry and Hermione or Hermione and Ron (or perhaps Hermione and Draco, or far worse…) should have ended up together. It kicked life into a decaying fandom. She also said that Hermione and Ron would need “marriage counselling” and that she put them together for “purely personal reasons” (as in she thought they would go together from the start, instead of putting two characters together that would work better). This relates directly to a previous topic I raised about Books Belong to their Readers (which John Green posted on Facebook shortly after this came to light), and where authors stand when it comes to their stories.

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Bookish Topic Tuesday – Books Belong to Their Readers

Bookish Topic Tuesday

Books Belong to Their Readers (BBTTR)

So recently I was reading a bit of John Green (the author of The Fault in Our Stars among others)’s tumblr (specifically his onlyifyouvefinishedtfios (no link because no spoilers) one where he discusses TFiOS) and I found that quite often (so often that he coined this term BBTTR) he would say something along the lines of ‘books belong to their readers’ and ‘don’t privilege authors’ and ‘I have access to the same material that you do’, etc. Now as I was reading this, my first instinct was anger and frustration. What do you mean John that you don’t know what happens next after your book? What do you mean you don’t know whether thing was a thing (I don’t want to spoil but in rot13: vg jnf n fhvpvqr be na nppvqrag)? You are the author you know all of the things! But now I can see that this is a little silly.

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