Top Ten 2016 Debuts Novels We Are Looking Forward To


I’m back trying to do Top Ten Tuesday again. This week is challenging – debut novels for 2016. Combining two things I hardly think about, what books are actually coming out, and debut novels, cause I hardly ever hear about them. So let’s see how this goes.

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Top Ten Books I HAD to Buy but Still Have Not Read


This week was supposed to be about my 10 debut authors I want a sophomore novel from, but considering how few debut authors I read, that isn’t going to work. Instead I’m taking a free pick, and sharing my top 10 books I just had to have, but haven’t read.

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Halloween themed freebie – actually – 10 Books I wish I read as a child


This week is supposed to be a Halloween themed freebie, but I honestly can’t think of a book that has scared me (I’m open to suggestions). There’s just something un-scary about reading it, if you were to add in some music and a dark gloomy night, perhaps, but I’m not too scared by it. Though I don’t even want to begin to watch a horror movie. Perhaps the books I’m reading just aren’t scary enough.

Instead I’m brining an past list – 10 books I wish I read as a child

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Top Ten Author Duos You’d LOVE To See Write A Book Together


This week we have an interesting topic, what author duos would I want to happen? Author duos can be a hit and miss experience, like Good Omens was legendary, The Long Earth series has been just more than mediocre, and I’m sure there are plenty of abject failures. So let’s work on the assumption that these duos do a really good job!

  1. George R R Martin, Patrick Ness and Pierce Brown – alright this is obviously a trio, but I think these three would be devious together, and would destroy everyone
  2. Markus Zusak and John Green
  3. JK Rowling and Suzanne Collins – the two biggest recent series, I think they could come up with something good
  4. Isobelle Carmody and Rick Riordan – partially because the prolific nature of Riordan would mean more Carmody even faster!
  5. Mira Grant and Stephen King – I think nobody would sleep after reading it, cause it surely horrifying
  6. Tolkien and GRR Martin, now that would be a mammoth epic
  7. Arthur Conan Doyle and JK Rowling (as Robert Gaithbraith naturally)
  8. Neil Gaiman and Markus Zusak
  9. Jane Austen and Mira Grant – now there would be an amazing Pride, Prejudice and Zombies!
  10. Dan Brown and F Scott Fitzgerald, the king of fast-paced cliffhanger combined with a bore.

What combos would you like to see?

Five Books To Read If You Like Harry Potter

Top10TuesdayThis week, I’m struggling a little, simply because I haven’t read that much to be honest, especially not that much magic, which actually surprises me. So here are my Five Books To Read If You Like Harry Potter.

  1. The Obernewtyn Chronicles by Isobelle Carmody – a ‘chosen one’ with abilities, where there is (eventually) a community of like-abilitied people. But so much more than that.
  2. Ender’s Game – just stick to the first one!
  3. Red Rising Trilogy – again, a ‘chosen one’ story, with a school, but a lot more violent, but oh so good
  4. Reticulum by Marta Salek – a school of magic story, which I quite liked, and it’s not very well known at all
  5. Dragon Keeper by Carole Wilkinson – ‘chosen one’ to ride with a dragon, haven’t read it in many years, but it was a lovely book at the time

And I request from you, what are some good magic stories with wizards and witches? I feel like I should have read hundreds of them by now, but I struggle to think of many at all.