The Fix Sophie McKenzie

I was sent this book by Allen and Unwin for a fair review.

This book is not aimed at me, it’s aimed at me if I was maybe 10 years younger. It’s a middle school aged reader book, which doesn’t always preclude me from enjoying them, like with Rick Riordan. With this book however, I didn’t overly enjoy it, I just didn’t dislike it. It’s a very simple, superficial book, and it’s so short. Readable in about an hour for me. 

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Death on the Nile – Poirot

This is my first foray into Agatha Christie and Poirot, I have never read any of her work, or watched any of the countless TV shows based on it. So this was quite exciting to see what this classic mystery author had in store for me.

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The Scorch Trials – The Maze Runner #2

This is the sequel to the recently popular and “movie-tised” The Maze Runnerand it seems like this book is just as popular because it took an awfully long time to get it in at the library. And I think the appeal of this series is the fact that we’re all so curious to know what exactly is going on! There are so many twists and turns, that seem obvious, and then things don’t quite happen how you expected, but then return to the obvious bit, and then throw a spanner. And that’s this book’s highlight. It kept me engaged and really interested in what’s going on. But…

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