My Brilliant Career by Franklin Miles

Despite finishing this book a week ago, I’m still not entirely convinced how I feel about it. I know for sure that this style of book is not really my cup of tea. It’s too dull for me. But I didn’t hate or dislike the book, I did dislike the main character, but that’s another thing all together. What this book did remind me of was Pride and Prejudice, which I was not a fan of (was it the studying it for English, or the book itself, or my age, who knows). This definitely had similarities with PP, but the ending was altogether different.

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The Great Australian Mystery: Picnic at Hanging Rock

Picnic at Hanging Rock by Joan Lindsay is an Australian Classic, and is a perfect example of a murder mystery, or is it? I say that because, we never really find out whether or not anyone has been murdered. Perhaps they just stumbled off a cliff and died because of that, there may not have been foul play at all. And I think the open ending of the book adds to the mystery and intrigue surrounding the novel. Add to that Lindsay’s reluctance at confirming that it is a complete work of fiction, or whether or not parts are based on fact. Because it can feel, in the way she has written it, that perhaps there is some element of truth here, that maybe this is real. And if so, that just adds to our curiosity and appetite to find out what happens. And when we don’t find out, that makes us hungry for answers, so we discuss with others and that gets the word out about the book. It’s quite clever actually, because then more people will buy the book, and then more will want to discuss it, and that is what a successful book is all about.

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