Bookish Topic Tuesday – The Book Thief Movie

Bookish Topic Tuesday

The Book Thief Movie

So once again I’m sort of cheating when it comes to Bookish Topic Tuesday, since this is another movie post, but I don’t care. I saw this last week and I had to share my thoughts. I actually went to a special screening where Markus Zusak himself came afterwards for a bit of a Q&A, and a book signing, which was just amazing. The movie itself was really good I thought, though some people have criticised the ‘Hollywoodisation’ of it, I didn’t mind it.

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The Great Gatsby – Chapter 9

Chapter Nine

So here we are, the final chapter of The Great Gatsby! A final post giving my overall review of the book will be posted soon, and I’ll be reading the 40-50 page introduction in the Popular Penguin edition, and I may comment on that as well. As for chapter 9, it’s immediately clear that Gatsby died, and that’s a shock to me, I didn’t see it coming or know it was going to happen. I did find it interesting that Nick told the story 2 years after.

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The Sending – Chapter 20 – Part One

Chapter Twenty – Part One

The moment has arrived, for Elspeth to meet the Gedhra (or wolves), and this is a huge moment, if she doesn’t convince them to come along with them to the Sentinel, the quest will fail, and ultimately the Destroyer will win. Though, having said that, I still have to wonder how on earth the Destroyer would be able to succeed, if Elspeth wasn’t around. Because without the memory seed, and Elspeth’s (plus Maruman’s) voices, along with Cassy’s key, and the other signs, the Destroyer wouldn’t theoretically be even able to enter the Sentinel project (activating it might not require so many passwords and things as destroying it…). I guess it’s one of those situations where both their destinies are linked, and both need each other. And the final show down, will happen in the Sentinel facility. If Elspeth were to die, I don’t think the Destroyer would succeed in the same way as if he was able to take over at the last minute, I think that given enough time, he would be able to activate the weaponmachines, and even if he didn’t, someone else would. One possibility is that just entering the facility without clearance, could set off some sort of attack, which could set of the BoT? Just a thought.

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The Stone Key – Part Three – Heart Song – Chapter 31 – Part One

13 days till the Sending!

Part Three – Heart Song (I think I can see that we Elspeth is going to deal with emotions, finally!)

Chapter Thirty-One – Part One

Elspeth was too late to stop Rushton from seeing Domick, but so far, nothing bad has come of it. Of course by now Domick is a terrible sight, and there is nothing Jak or Pavo can do for him now, the Beforetimers didn’t have a cure for this strain of illness because it seems to be a very fast evolving virus/bacteria which changes just as Pavo figures out what to do with it. There is the added issue, that Domick seems to be content with dying, he doesn’t want to be saved. And can you really fight against his wishes?

I have to say I cannot believe that only a week has passed since Elspeth entered Saithwood with the help of Brydda! So much has happened, and to think that about 700 pages of text has passed and it’s only been a week! A lot has happened, and not just to Elspeth, but to everyone. It seems that people (once again) thought that Elspeth had died, but Rushton was convinced that she was still alive (that’s a good sign surely). It was not until Iriny came back to Sutrium that they knew Elspeth was alive, and had gone to Herder Isle on a shipfish. It is not just Elspeth who has a fascinating tale to tell, Brydda and Dardelan have some explaining to do.

Of course in the shadow of Domick, it isn’t exactly the place to swap tales, so they plan to have a celebration back on the surface, in honour of the freed west coast. Everyone seems willing to leave, apart from Rushton, who strongly wants to speak to Domick when he wakes up, even though Elspeth tells him it is unlikely that he will. Elspeth announces that she must go and wash up since she has spent the day lost, but makes sure Jak gets everyone to leave, insisting he will be here ready to tell them of any developments. Obviously this is a very delicate situation, Rushton seems to be drawn towards Domick, possibly he is wanting to ask him what happened to him, since his own memories are repressed. But if these memories are unleashed, he may become mad with the pain and suffering, but at some point they must address what has happened to him, or he will end up like Iriny or Dragon. Elspeth is key to this, but given her very poor track record with emotions, it will be a challenge for her to succeed, but if she does so, it will be an important step for her to open herself up to emotion and learn to deal with it.

The feast ended up becoming a funeral supper, for Domick died an hour earlier, never regaining consciousness. They buried him in the ruins (after getting Pavo to make sure they weren’t at risk of infection), and Rushton and Brydda dug his grave. The tradition of telling stories about the deceased is what I think, a very good way to remember the person in the best light and to solidify the good memories that everyone has. Funerals are a celebration of a person’s life, and sharing stories about the person is the best way to do that. And so we say goodbye to Domick, the beloved coercer, and remember that he was free of Mika in his final moments, and his love for Kella never ended.

After Elspeth gives a rundown of all that happened to her, the conversation turns to Norseland, and what might lie there in terms of Beforetime weapons, so that they can start to plan the final stage of the rebellion, and free the land of the Herders. Right now they must secure the west coast, and they can’t really do anything until they get together a fleet of ships, after all Norseland is an island! The conversation turns to the events in Sutrium, which were spurred on by the arrival of Iriny and the news of the downfall on Herder Isle. The Hedra in Saithwood had been ‘easily’ (as far as we know) contained, so it was time to capture the west coast. Even now, the illusion that nothing has changed continues. They will still have to fight to keep control away from the soldierguards and Hedra, but their reign of terror is over.

Then, another group of riders is heard to approach, and it must be one of the Misfits, because nobody knows that they are here, even Gwynedd. But it is Merret with a few of Gwynedd’s people, who want to speak with Dardelan and Rushton. Basically they are just inviting them to go and speak with Gwynedd, which they were going to do anyway! But they tell them that Gwynedd is in Aborium and they have a safehouse set up for this meeting. They want to choose the chieftains for each city, even before they have won them! He is doing that since there isn’t really a network of rebels set up, and those that are around are too young for such responsibility (awkard for Dardelan and even Rushton who are young and managed to do just fine). But the west coast needs help from the ‘east’ rebels and even Obernewtyn to make sure they stay in control. Once they have leaders, it is their duty to expel the soldierguards from their town, and keep them prisoners, as well as dealing with the Hedra.

This slightly different system of operation has come about because Dell had a futuretelling about the rebellion on the west coast, and knew that they couldn’t just go from town to town freeing it, because it would create a huge force of Hedra and soldierguards who would be lead by a man called Aspidak, and it would become a bloody battle, and he would lead the army back over the Suggredoon! Right now they have Aspidak in a cell, and with that, major bloodshed has been avoided, since Gwynned is acting as he is. Apparently after this, Gwynned with become a king, something that Dell has foreseen, but the details are not known (well Dell knows), like who is going to crown him. And do they even mean king of the west coast? After all he is a Norselander. So they set about to ride to Aborium, Blyss and Merret included. Elspeth is going to stay and speak with Dell for a while, but will come to Aborium before crossing the river.

Then things get slightly bizzare, as more of Gwynned’s men who came with Merret but were too scared of the rumours come and meet Elspeth. Because, one of them recognises Elspeth as Elaria, and it is Gilbert, one of the Druid’s armsmen. What a strange, chance meeting (see, basically every character we meet somehow pops up again!). They speak of their first meeting, and of Daffyd and his plans to find those sold to Salamander, a mission that Gilbert thinks is madness. Of course the two of them haven’t seen each other for ages, and Gilbert didn’t know Daffyd was a Misfit. And there meeting is short lived as they prepare to leave for Aborium. There is another tense moment with Rushton, as he tries to tell Gilbert that Elspeth doesn’t need an escort (which is true), but his tone and eyes deceive his words. Elspeth actually feels fear for a moment around him, and she realises that Rushton is not safe now that Domick is gone, nothing has really changed.

Elspeth is once again left alone to think, and think she does. She realises that Domick was left to die because it would hurt Elspeth, but still Ariel has made more hurt with Rushton, and that isn’t over. I wonder how Kella will take the news that Domick has died, will it allow her to close that chapter of her life, and ‘move on’ (not at all saying she’ll be with someone else)? Or will she continue to be ‘tainted’ (remember the red streak in her aura) by Domick? But Elspeth looks hopefully towards their meeting in Sutrium, and being reunited with Maruman, Gahltha and Dameon. And Dragon will be there too, maybe with some more memories, and less hostility towards Elspeth, at least Elspeth is being positive. She goes back into the complex and falls asleep, after staying awake for the whole night. There is another 20 pages to go for this chapter, so this will be continued tomorrow!

The Stone Key – Chapter 30 – Part One

Chapter Thirty – Part One

So we are in another dream (actually Elspeth is in a dream, on the dreamtrails), where what seems to be either Hannah Serpahim, or her daughter, is calling out for ‘Merimyn’, who turns out to be a cat. But not just any cat, Maruman himself! Huh? A young Maruman, without his scarred eye. Soon he seems to notice Elspeth, and asks who she is. He is called away, just after he says that he has dreamed of her face. I just can’t figure out how Maruman can be with this other person. Obviously he was once young, but if this is Hannah, is this before the Great White? How old is Maruman? I’ve never really thought about it. Very interesting. Elspeth’s surroundings change, and she is now in the maze at Obernewtyn, but the hedges are different plants. Cassy and Hannah are there, and Elspeth realises that this is the old Obernewtyn, that existed in the Beforetime, the one that our Obernewtyn was built upon.

In terms of the timeline of things, this conversation is happening before a previous dream where Hannah was talking with her mother in a plane about returning to her father’s compound and sometime after the pair’s first meeting. She is going back to help break out the Misfits and the Agyllian birds, and I think that this is probably the beginning of the Agyllian eyrie, before their release, I doubt there was that many of them around. And since Hannah wants them to come to Obernewtyn, it makes sense that they would then settle somewhat nearby.

The pair discuss the Sentinel Project, which as we know will put all the power of the weapons in the hands of one master computer, and which ultimately ended up causing the Great White. The motives of the 5 governments is a little odd, since they are all working together for ‘safety’ sake, and yet, the company behind the project is closely linked with weapon manufacturers! For a project that is supposed to end warfare, why do they need more weapons? That is a very interesting question, and hopefully we will find out more, but maybe not (though we could always find out when Isobelle Carmody finally writes the Beforetime Chronicles, which she has signed up to do, and it is apparently from Cassy’s perspective, so that will make things interesting, but that will be a LONG WAY AWAY!).

Elspeth is woken up to the news that Domick is awake again, and he appears to be in the final stage of the plague, with buboes (which make me think of The Plague, aka The Black Death, so maybe it is a strain of that) so unfortunately he doesn’t have very long left. As for other news, Iriny has made it back across the river. As for the soldierguards and Hedra, they are arguing about going across the river, the Hedra want to, but the soldierguards do not. Clearly something is giving them the impression that the other side is ripe for the taking, I’m guessing the soldierguards aren’t so sure. Elspeth’s arrival has certainly brought about change, but it isn’t directly because of her, some of it is, but not all of it. I still want to know what is going on in Sutrium.

Seeing Domick is a unpleasant experience, his condition has rapidly worsened (it has only been about a day or a little more since we last saw him, I think), buboes are everywhere, and he is struggling to breath. The only ‘good news’ is that Mika has given up and ‘run away’ (however that works) and left Domick to deal with the pain of death. There is nothing more that they can do for him, he has already been given plenty of pain killers, and Domick wants to be awake, and face death. To take his mind of the pain, Elspeth speaks of Obernewtyn, and all the new things that have happened since Domick has been away, and then went on to tell her own tale when she was on Ari-roth travelling to Herder Isle. Domick says his ‘goodbye’ and tries to explain to Elspeth his actions with Kella, how he was afraid of Mika coming out around her, as he hated everything Domick loved. And that included Rushton. Not long after, he falls unconscious, and will never wake up. He will die probably within a day, and there is nothing more they can do. It is sad to see Domick go, but at least he was able to answer a few questions, and redeem himself, and he died free.

Elspeth cannot bear to wait for Domick’s death, and goes up to the surface to try to reach Merret. The fire seems to be still raging, and something I missed earlier, was a report that there were Hedra on the opposite bank fighting and killing rebels or innocent people (hence the reason why the Hedra on this side wanted to go across to help their compatriots). And this makes me more concerned for Sutrium and the rebels, but we don’t know what is going on there. Did the Hedra overrun Saithwood, and now have deadly weapons at their disposal, we have no clue.

Using Orys as additional energy, Elspeth reaches Merret who is in Followtown (the camp on the edge of the river), but there isn’t any more real information (so far) and there are just more soldierguards and more Hedra around. There are some outer-cadre priests and Councilmen, who are both arguing about whether they should cross the river. The outer-cadre priests are opposed to crossing the river (even though the Hedra support it) since they are concerned about the lack of Herder ships for the last few days (as they should be), the Hedra want to go across, and some of the soldierguards do too (but they are mostly the ones who became stranded here after the rebellion) and the Councilmen are afraid of both paths, because they could anger the other party. The outlook for the other side, is grim, the Hedra there are continuing their skirmishes and so far Merret hasn’t seen anyone she can recognise. It will only be a matter of time for the forces to join the Hedra on the other side, so Merret wants to take this opportunity to capture THIS side of the river, with the aid of the rebels. Since there won’t be a large force left guarding this side, it is the perfect time to act. They need to contact Gwynedd to get him to organise a force (which luckily they can do easily with Alun who has gone to meet him), but Merret has also taken the initiative to contact Rolf, and to get him to organise another force ready to fight. They also have the element of surprise (a very handy thing) and if they play their cards right, the Herders and Council won’t know what is happening.

Elspeth, fatigued from a probe which was disconnected quickly, stumbles around and finds a spot in the ruins to fall asleep in. As usual, she dreams, this time of walking across a plain in immense heat. She saw a signal in the distance, a light flashing, and then reached the signal, and found a tunnel. It was where the water dripped from her previous dreams. A voice commanded her to stop, saying she must not enter, since it is forbidden. The voice is coming from INES. Have we just seen what Elspeth is going to have to face in the future? Is this the location of the weaponmachines? I think that this is probably what Elspeth will be facing, and it makes sense since Elspeth has codewords and passwords to use, and if she says them INES will let her deeper and deeper into the compound, until Elspeth will be able to access the right machine to destroy the weapons. I really wonder how she will be able to do it, I mean she hardly knows how to use computers (even if they are voice commands), and I think it would be a complex protocol to destroy the weapons (but really what does that even mean? Are they literally destroyed, or just impossible to use?). But then at the same time, I know that Hannah and Cassy set about to make it easy enough for Elspeth to do it, in fact, ensured that Elspeth was the only one able to do it, otherwise what would be the point. I just really want to find out how this will all play out, I mean, this is fantasy, and good always triumphs, right?

The Stone Key – Chapter 21 – Part Two

Chapter Twenty-One – Part Two

We’ve just had one of the most intense, and amazing scenes unveil, and now, we are left with the aftermath. Has the group been able to taken down the Faction from within the Compound? Are they now actually in control? And is the causality list any longer?

Harwood is only the first of the casualities that we meet, and was saved by Reuvan who was able to be shielded by the wall, during the second explosion, which managed to kill a lot of Hedra. Sadly Hilder died, struck by a piece of stonework flung into the air by the explosion (though later on, when Harwood mentions the two deaths, he says Geratty and Ode had died, though they didn’t talk of him at all, huh?). He was carrying Colwyn who had been knocked unconscious when the cell they were in collapsed, and so far hasn’t recovered. The explosions certainly caused more damage than they anticipated, and Elspeth realises that it was a mistake, and they were very lucky that they didn’t set off some horrible Beforetime weapon, which is true, what if there was a huge bomb there? Ariel’s chambers were destroyed in the process, and seemed to be the centre of further explosions. But the damage from the explosions is only the least of their troubles as there is still a resistance against the Misfits, the pair that were sent for the demonbands, they could pose a threat, and the Hedra master, well he still has Yarrow and Asra as hostages, and isn’t looking like backing down in the One’s chambers. But they have the majority of the place locked down, they are using Hedra to spread word that plague affected Hedra have been going around blowing up things. They really know how to tell a tale. All the leaders and inner-cadre priests (though Zuria and Mendi died during the explosions) are under their control, and the novices and shadows are keeping watch on everyone.

The Herder that aided them in their battle, is called Sabatien, and he was the leader of the rebellious group in the Compound. The interesting thing is that part of the outer wall collapsed into the ocean, and has nearly connected the islands, something that was foretold by Norse legends. Apparently it says that Norselanders would be free when the Girdle of the Goddess had been restored, which is promising news, but Norseland itself remains tightly controlled. But this Sabatien is definitely leading things now that he can fight openly, he has told the Hedra master that if he kills his hostages, his men will be killed in turn, but if they let them go, they were be spared. I am glad to see that he isn’t sharing in the bloodthirsty ways of the other priests. And what is more, he is Mouse’s father! Now that explains why he had a relationship with a shadow, and saved his son!

Hevlar and his people actually witnessed the downfall of the wall, and they soon will begin repairs on the Stormdancer, which reminds me that the west coast is still in grave peril, they may have just beaten the Herders, but they are far from beating Ariel. Elspeth is going to go down to see Hevlar and the others, and Cinda wants to come too, and adventure that will be her first time outside of the Compound since she came here. On the way they meet Elkar, and he comes too, since he has a lantern and it isn’t yet dawn. Even for Elspeth walking out of the gates is an important moment, and she remembers when she arrived, and had so little hope of ever leaving. Such a long time ago that was, and for Cinda and even Elkar this must be something so much more special for them. Cinda has been here since she was 6 and remembers little freedom, Elkar came when he was 10 so remembers what it was like to be free. But what would it be like knowing you were now free, after years of abuse and pain? Emotional to say the very least, but their joy must be so intense.

I had completely forgotten that Maryon had predicted that Elspeth needed to go on the original journey, that was headed to Sutrium, to save the west coast, little did she know what would happen on the way to doing so, and what she would have to save the west coast from. Even though they have a long way to go to find this null, Elspeth now has hope, and I think for everything that she is going to have to face now, she will have hope after this. Their triumph over the Faction is something remarkable, and couldn’t have happened from the outside, and I like Elkar’s analogy to a thief opening a locked door from the inside, it really fits. The Faction never imagined resistance to come from within, and it proved to be their downfall. And since the Faction appeared too large and too strong to break, nobody tried, which is an interesting form of defence, but clearly it becomes weakness when they don’t imagine the possibility that someone would strike.

I find Elkar’s statement (he seems to be very wise) that power is just an agreement between those oppressed and those oppressing to be very intriguing, and I like these moments when Isobelle Carmody gives her messages about the world, there are plenty throughout the series, but I quite like this discussion on power. Power is a strange thing, but it is fleeting, all oppressors are eventually overthrown, but then, do the oppressed become the oppressors? Even Cinda has thoughts on power, and says that only by accepting that power is an idea, does it become something real. Even Elspeth and Reuvan are struck by her words (yes I know that is Carmody’s doing, but still, Cinda’s words are wise).

That moment ends as Lark runs up and greets Elspeth, and he could hardly believe what she was able to do. He and Elkar strike it off, and talk, both being Norselanders. I guess Lark now being saved the fate of becoming novice, could almost see that Elkar was hopefully the person he was going to become. Elkar saved Lark from his fate, but then again, I think two boys can talk about a lot. More reunions happen as Oma and Helvar arrive, both surprised to see Elspeth again, and glad that it came to pass. Elspeth suggests that the Norselanders and the Pers should take charge of the Compound and figure out what they want to do with the Hedra and Herders, since it is their land, and they should be in control.

But after all the happiness of this section, it ends with a sour note. The ship cannot be repaired for a week, it was damaged by its time on the beach. That is not soon enough, for the plague would have taken hold by then, and it will be too late. But, how can they save them now? There has to be a way, is there another boat? Otherwise, this joy is too short-lived.

The Stone Key – Chapter 19 – Part Two

Chapter Nineteen – Part Two

So the group’s plans have changed from just escaping alive on The Stormdancer to saving the west coast from the plague that Ariel is going to unleash, to doing the latter as well as throwing down the Faction from the inside, with the help of Shadows and a few novices! But really, they are in the best position to do something, they have control of the leaders, and can coerce anyone they want because they don’t wear demonbands. As long as they keep their presence unknown, they can do this.

Back in the One’s chamber, a map of the Compound was taking shape, with all the different pathways and sectors. It is a really complex place, more intricate than imaginable. It really is like a hive of bees, each of the sectors are mostly self sufficient, but each of them provides something for the Faction. One section is a library, another a paper press, another is the food stores, and so on. Cinda suggests poisoning the food going to the Hedra, which would be quite easy, given enough poison, but even in this situation the Misfits don’t want to kill. It is a very interesting moral dilemma. It would be so easy to kill a lot of the priests, but that wouldn’t be ethically sound. Cinda doesn’t understand this pacifist nature, and given the treatment she and others have had to endure, it is only fitting that she would want them gone forever, unable to hurt anyone else. Elspeth tries to point out the technical challenges in poisoning so many, including dealing with all the bodies. Though, that doesn’t seem to dampen her enthusiasm for revenge.

I guess it comes down to the Misfits wanting to show a way forward that doesn’t involve bloodshed and violence. It has been repeated often that they don’t want to replace a bloodthirsty organisation with another one. They are proving that they aren’t like those people they are overthrowing, they aren’t the monsters and they won’t act like the Herders or Council ever. Cinda’s obvious desire for bloodshed, confuses Elspeth, as she wonders why didn’t they uprise before? What has a few coercers changed for them? I guess they’ve given the shadows hope, they’ve been the spark that is beginning to ignite the entire forest. The shadows have always wanted freedom, but it has been something impossible, and now, there are people who have a real chance at giving them that, and have already shown themselves capable of at least infiltrating the Faction, so they have thrown their support behind them. Elspeth doesn’t believe that all the shadows share Cinda’s desire, but I don’t think that’s true. Sure a lot of them have had it beaten out of them, but you can never stop longing for freedom.

Turning back to the structure of the Compound, I find it interesting that the inner-cadre priests have the largest section, with the Hedra having the section largest area. Why do these high ranking priests need so much space? There are only 12 of them (excluding the One, who has his own residence)! Or is there space for the outer-cadre priests as well? They do have a walled garden, so that takes up quite a lot of space, just like the training yards for the Hedra. Apparently this garden is the only in the Compound, and it is a proper garden for food and livestock, so it is important. The third largest area, is something unmarked and the furthest from the gate, but we don’t find out what that is, as the shadows have to leave to get the One’s meal. Harwood is interested in the healing facility which is multi-storied, with levels above and below the ground. All the priests, and novices live on various floors, so they can be available at a moments notice, they rarely leave. His interest is not just academic, he wants to set up a centre there of their own, so they can watch over more of the Compound, and have access to medicines plus it allows farseeking to all areas of the Compound.

One more section which is interesting, is the armoury, which is heavily guarded, and only accessible through the Hedra sector. They need to somehow gain control of that area, so they have weapons, and the Hedra do not, especially if there are any Beforetime weapons. Also demonbands are kept there, so they must control the access of those, otherwise they will lost their stronghold on the Compound. The only other place to get the demonbands, is from the production site, so Harwood wants to secure that as well. The next sector they need control of is where all the inner-cadre priests stay, because with ALL of them under their control, the Faction will have limited power remaining in terms of leadership.

Elspeth asks about Ariel’s chambers, but he is so secretive, he only uses his own nulls, and nobody has been inside. Even the Threes haven’t, but they have been coerced to ensure they don’t get too curious about what Ariel does there. A slight error occurs here, as Harwood says that Zuria has the same block as Mendi, and Elspeth then repeats that she thinks it will be the same for Zuria, when I think she means Grisyl! Something is obviously important there, so Harwood wants to keep trying to get information before Elspeth goes and searches for herself.

A while later, Elkar arrives in the One’s chamber, and has news of Ariel. Unfortunately it isn’t that much, just talk of a novice who had seen Ariel and his special nulls. For some reason they call him the Pale Man, a strange name. He also came to tell her that the other novices, as in those he trusts, are willing to fight the Faction. Elkar has started to get enthusiastic about this uprising, and suggests they talk to all the novices tonight at the prayer, instead of the Herder priest. He thinks that even though there will be some who won’t want to, the Misfits can control them with their powers, to which Cinda suggests that they should be killed. It is starting to get out of hand, and that could mean that power is wrest from them. Elkar also has news that there is a rumour going around that Salamander sunk The Orizon because of a plague a Hedra caught during the invasion. How strange.


UHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! I just finished typing up the rest of the chapter, and then it disappeared! So I can’t be bothered writing everything, so here’s the quick version.

Elspeth wants to go to Fallo to see what the Norselander’s are doing and if they can come and fix the ship, and she goes with Reuvan and Cinda and Elkar. Word of their presence has spread via the shadows, and they see a group of Hedra, whose minds are individually blocked because they are such a cohesive group. They get stopped by some Hedra, and have to go to the healing centre because Elspeth had to coerce someone to have a stomach ache. Then everything falls to pieces as Elspeth finds out that the One has been killed by the shadows, and bells have been rung. Are they alarm bells? Is everything over?