The Casual Vacancy – #23

Part Six – Weaknesses of Voluntary Bodies

Still not too sure on the relevance of each of these extracts of the Local Council Administration, I guess without knowing what is coming it is hard to see why they are involved, but even understanding why the extracts were included for some of the past parts has been challenging. I think once I have read everything I will go back and try to figure out the reasoning behind each of these extracts and their inclusion.

Speaking of finishing The Casual Vacancy, this is the penultimate section of the book, and I presume that this and the next one will be completed in one post each, so on the 10th of November this will be finished, and for the next day or two will be analysis and opinion.


  • Well Colin Wall’s imaginings of the police coming to his door have come true, but they are looking for Fats, where has he gone? Or do they want to question him about Robbie’s death
  • Wow, they know Fats was there. Are they charging him with negligence?
  • So when the police arrived at the river, Fats ran away, is he gone forever?
  • At least Colin isn’t breaking down, he is actually prepared for such a calamity
  • Andrew won’t know where he is, they aren’t friends any more
  • Um Andrew, this is more serious than your now failed friendship
  • Good boy, tell him the secret hiding spot
  • Tessa you don’t know where you are looking so just be quiet
  • Where is Krystal?
  • Kay, you need to help the Weedon’s, who cares about not being their social worker, this is more important
  • So he was crying?
  • Has he finally seen how life really is and not this inauthentic crap?
  • At least he feels bad about it, better than him not feeling anything


  • Sukhvinder should you really hate the man who saved your life? Or was your intention to die?
  • See will need a tetanus shot
  • Hopefully Parminder doesn’t blame Sukhvinder and shows her love instead of ridicule
  • Maybe this will bring everyone together, tragedy has a way of doing that
  • Does Krystal know? What about Terri?
  • OH, Sukhvinder’s arms!
  • I guess that was always going to come out, but Parminder listen to Vikram and give her space
  • It was a bit rich that they wanted Parminder to help in their time of need, but her refusal has probably made them hate her even more
  • At least Parminder and Vikram are now concentrating on Sukhvinder
  • Seriously Miles get over it
  • That would be a smart thing, get rid of the site. But of course you would only do it after it ruined YOUR life
  • I wonder if Howard did see what Shirley was doing
  • So the story starts with death and ends with it too?
  • Poor Robbie!


  • At least Tessa and Fats have a chance to talk
  • It’s more than okay to cry Fats
  • Ashamed? You wanted Fats to die? What?
  • I understand Tessa’s reaction, they left a 4/5 year old alone, that is something you CANNOT do, especially not outside. And Fats you wanted to refuse, but you didn’t. How inauthentic is that?
  • I wonder if he did get Krystal pregnant? And it doesn’t look like they would be ready for it anyway
  • We finally get to hear Fats’ story
  • His mother was 14 years old, and she was ‘middle class’
  • They have no idea who the father was, she refused to say
  • Sadly this means he could have been the result of incest
  • Colin didn’t want him, because he didn’t think he was well enough to look after a baby, and that’s fair enough, looking after a child is a big responsibility
  • Tessa wanted him so much that she made Colin lie about his condition
  • OH MY! On the 5th night they had him, Colin went into the car and tried to kill himself with the exhaust!
  • WOW, he was so convinced that he would somehow kill Fats, that he decided to kill himself. That does put Colin in a whole new light
  • So Colin doesn’t love Fats? That’s a lie?
  • You almost should have taken him to the Fields and made him tell Terri, though Terri deserves to hear from someone better than him
  • Where is Krystal?


  • Poor Krystal!
  • Who cares about Fats
  • Terri, this is not about the drugs
  • How can Krystal live now? Knowing she bascially killed her brother? I guess a cruel twist will be that she is pregnant
  • To be honest I don’t care about Gaia and Kay’s fighting
  • What will Kay do?
  • You should be ashamed Gaia
  • Seriously Gaia you are being way too selfish, you just don’t like Pagford, that’s it. Krystal and Terri have lost Robbie
  • Seriously will nobody try to comfort Terri? That’s why Kay needs to go
  • Well Gaia you aren’t wrong
  • Wait! Krystal what are you doing? Don’t start taking drugs!
  • Cheryl is there too now
  • Seriously NO KRYSTAL!
  • Hopefully there is not enough time
  • Seriously Krystal don’t, please
  • She’s gone
  • She has overdosed, that’s it
  • This is so full of death, will Howard die too?
  • What is Terri going to do? Will she die too?
  • Did not see any of this coming!