The Fix Sophie McKenzie

I was sent this book by Allen and Unwin for a fair review.

This book is not aimed at me, it’s aimed at me if I was maybe 10 years younger. It’s a middle school aged reader book, which doesn’t always preclude me from enjoying them, like with Rick Riordan. With this book however, I didn’t overly enjoy it, I just didn’t dislike it. It’s a very simple, superficial book, and it’s so short. Readable in about an hour for me. The story follow’s Blake, who is good at football, he overhears something he shouldn’t, and then is blackmailed into throwing the semi-final. In exchange he gets much needed cash to help his mother, throw in a friend who doesn’t get his situation because of his higher class life, and a reluctance to tell anyone, and a final plan to get out of it all.

It’s a perfectly average and reasonable book. I think middle school or even upper primary school children would enjoy the book. It has a reasonable plot and premise, and asks the reader what would they do in such a situation.

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