Age of Miracles by Karen Thompson Walker

Full disclosure, I was sent this book as an advance review copy (of the book being re-released) for free.

I had quite a bit of hope for this book once I started reading it. I didn’t know what was going to happen, but I found myself very intrigued with the premise, aka the apocalypse. The apocalypse in this book is that the Earth’s rotation is slowing down, so the length of each day is ballooning. No real explanation is ever give, which is fine, that’s how these books sometimes work, especially if we’re not with some government department or something with scientists. Sounds like a really fascinating idea, and is a bit different to zombies or hurricanes or tsunamis. Instead, the book came off a little dull. But I think that was the intention, it is soft dystoptia mixed with YA coming of age. It isn’t intense, there isn’t death and destruction, it’s very uncatastrophic. Whilst of course the outcome of the days getting insanely long is catastrophe you don’t feel that way reading it.

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Top 10 Books From My Childhood (Or teen years) That I Would Love To Revisit


This week’s TTT brings us 10 books from my childhood/teenhood that I would love to revisit. The thing is with most of these, I would love to revisit, but I don’t think I will, because I’m afraid that I won’t like them anymore, and they are best left in the past. Perhaps, if I have children, I’ll revisit them that way.

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The Long Earth by Terry Prachett and Stephen Baxter

The Long Earth by Terry Pratchett and Stephen Baxter, published by Random House Australia
The Long Earth by Terry Pratchett and Stephen Baxter, published by Random House Australia

I saw this book a number of times over the last few years, and I knew that it won the 2012 Goodreads Best Science-Fiction novel, which is a fairly high claim. Though when you look on its review page, a number of negative reviews feature greatly, they thought it was too idea focused, or that it wasn’t up to Prachett’s standards (which makes me excited to try to read some Prachett). I however, disagree with their reviews, and loved this book, though I can see where they are coming from. Perhaps it’s my fondness for the idea of multi-verses and science (even if it’s science fiction), but I really enjoyed the book.

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Top Ten Books On My Spring TBR List


This week’s TTT is Top Ten Books On My Spring (*cough* Autumn *cough*) TBR List. I don’t really have much idea of what is coming out this spring/autumn (for us southern hemisphere-ers), so this is mainly what books I’m exited to read this season (I can only hope I actually get around to reading 10!)

  1. We All Looked Up by Tommy Wallach – I think this popped up in my 2015 debut novels perhaps, but I liked the look of it, and now I have it (yay ARC!)
  2. Another which I have said already, The Age of Miracles by Karen Thompson Walker
  3. Red Rising by Pierce Brown – which I think came as a suggestion on this blog, but can’t seem to find said suggestion
  4. The World of Ice and Fire by GRRM – I think it will be great
  5. Beyond this point it’s getting to the books which seem to be perpetually on my TBR list that I own, so, first Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury – it looks so small (especially next to War and Peace) and I’ve just wanted to read it for so long
  6. Catch-22!!!! Really need to get on to it
  7. The Silkworm, I’ve had this sequel for quite some time now, so I should get around to reading it.
  8. Sherlock Holmes – I started reading the collection in early Feb, but then stopped cause other library books came into my radar and needed to be read.
  9. More than This by Patrick Ness
  10. Messenger of Fear by Michael Grant

These last two I just saw in the bookstore not long ago, and they caught my eye mainly because they were books by authors I knew, but they sounded very interesting.

How about you, what do you want to read this spring/autumn? Any books coming out that have caught your eye?

Symbiont by Mira Grant

This is the sequel to Parasite, and originally it was supposed to be the finale, however, it turns out that this only book two of three. And I’m fine with that, obviously Grant found as she wrote the second book that it just wasn’t resolving in the required space. So rather than cut things out, I’d much rather another book. Grant also wrote the Newflesh series, which I loved, and she really is Seanan McGuire. I had high hopes for the book, but it didn’t reach them. It was good, but it wasn’t great.

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Ten Books For Readers Who Like Series


This week’s Top Ten Tuesday is Ten Books For Readers Who Like Series.

I had no idea what to put after ‘like’ as we got to choose this week, so I went for ‘series’. I love a good series, it lasts for pages beyond pages, and it gets really complex and so much development. It’s great. So without further ado:

  1. The Obernewtyn Chronicles by Isobelle Carmody
  2. A Song of Fire and Ice by George R R Martin
  3. Newsflesh by Mira Grant
  4. Chaos Walking by Patrick Ness
  5. A Series of Unfortunate Events by Lemony Snicket – loved this as a child
  6. Percy Jackson by Rick Riordan (all of his series really)
  7. Harry Potter by JK Rowling
  8. The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins
  9. The Disappearance by John Birmingham – really cool alternative fiction/sci fi – about a dome suddenly coming down across the US, killing everyone inside, and the consequences.
  10. Tomorrow When the War Began by John Marsden – AMAZING survival fiction, probably what kickstarted my love for the genre

What series do you recommend?

First Meetings in the Enderverse

So my last escapades with the Enderverse left me under-whelmed a tired of the series. But I still wanted to continue reading them, but the next book I got my hands on was First Meetings in the Enderverse, which is a series of four short stories. Now perhaps because they were short, and perhaps because they weren’t back on Bean and Achilles, but I liked these stories. They were sweet, and interesting.

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