Hotel by Arthur Hailey

So I was given this book by my friends for my birthday in a collection of books. This was supposed to be a ‘joke’ book, because they just picked it up from a collection of free books, it was old looking, and the blurb mentioned an orgy, so they thought it was a steamy romance, a genre I told them I didn’t want. So when I finally decided to start reading it, I was pleasantly surprised, it was actually pretty good. Not only was it not romance (I’m not entirely convinced there was an ‘orgy’ at all), but it was a decent book with several plotlines which were all interesting and engaging.

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5 Year Anniversary

So this came quite unexpectedly, and my goodness has time flown since I started this blog. 5 whole years ago now, and over 770 posts and over 90,000 views! Thanks for all the support, and I hope to continue this blog in whatever form possible for many years to come!

I started this blog after inspiration from other book blogs, and decided to read through Cloudstreet, by Tim Winton. The format eventually turned back to a traditional one post = one book review, and I’ve enjoyed doing it and sharing my thoughts.

Thanks again!

The Colour of Magic – Terry Pratchett

This, a little ashamedly, is my first Terry Pratchett (solo) novel. I have read Good Omens, and his Long Earth series previously, but they have been collaborations. So I have been meaning to read this for quite some time, and get into the Discworld series, as massive as it is. Indeed this year I planned to read them all – as you can tell by the fact I’ve only just read the first one, that plan isn’t going to plan, like all good plans! 

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The Fix Sophie McKenzie

I was sent this book by Allen and Unwin for a fair review.

This book is not aimed at me, it’s aimed at me if I was maybe 10 years younger. It’s a middle school aged reader book, which doesn’t always preclude me from enjoying them, like with Rick Riordan. With this book however, I didn’t overly enjoy it, I just didn’t dislike it. It’s a very simple, superficial book, and it’s so short. Readable in about an hour for me. 

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My Brilliant Career by Franklin Miles

Despite finishing this book a week ago, I’m still not entirely convinced how I feel about it. I know for sure that this style of book is not really my cup of tea. It’s too dull for me. But I didn’t hate or dislike the book, I did dislike the main character, but that’s another thing all together. What this book did remind me of was Pride and Prejudice, which I was not a fan of (was it the studying it for English, or the book itself, or my age, who knows). This definitely had similarities with PP, but the ending was altogether different.

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Bookish Travels – British Library

Over the summer I was fortunate enough to travel across Europe, and along the way I encountered many a wonderful library and bookstore, which I thought I shall share with you. The plan was to do this weekly, until I exhaust the places I actually visited, and then start up with some places I’d like to go. But with all good plans, as evident with my distinct lack of posts of the last few months, this will likely just be a periodic thing. 

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Harry Potter and the Cursed Child

So it’s been a little while now since this ‘book’ has been released (and a very long while since I’ve actually posted anything on this blog – apologies for that, I’m hoping to rectify things and start posting again, though likely on a less scheduled basis). And it’s been a few days since I finished it, and I think I have had enough time to come to terms with what this is and what it isn’t. 

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