I mainly do two types of reviews:

  1. My chapter-by-chapter read through of books
  2. My single review of books that I just happen to read in my spare time, and want to talk about

Both of these, due to their nature, obviously have different requirements when it comes to spoilers. So, here are some “rules” about commenting on a post that is #1, in regards to spoilers:

  • Don’t comment on any event that hasn’t happened yet
  • Don’t mention a character that hasn’t come into the story yet
  • Don’t tell me to go and read something again, since it contains answers
  • Don’t even tell me that the answers are around the corner, since, then I know that this question will actually be answered, and somewhat ruins things
  • In all, if it hasn’t happened yet, then don’t comment about it, otherwise I, and anyone else, will be spoiled and that’s just not on

However, this is going to completely negate everything I just said. Feel free to do the above, ONLY, if you use rot.13 (which you can find at rot13.com) which ciphers the comment into seemingly random letters, which I and most people (some people have that much experience with this, that they can read it) will have no idea what you are saying. So this allows you to comment on something that is a spoiler, or comment on a prediction I have made or whatever, without spoiling it for everyone else. To decipher it, you just copy and paste it back into rot.13 and it comes out as good as new. (Note that I will be ensuring that whatever you say in rot13 is actually relevant, not spam, not offensive, etc.) If you are going to make a rot13 comment, then beforehand it would be greatly appreciated if you gave a warning like chapter 5 spoiler (obviously in normal English), or 2nd book spoiler, so people can decide if it is safe to read.

In regards to my second sort of review, since I have read the book, I can’t be spoiled, and I make comments usually in relation to spoilers. But at the same time, I don’t want other people reading my post, to be spoiled if they haven’t read the book themselves, which is why I put a spoiler warning once I’m about to delve into the books events. Likewise, if you are going to comment on the book, it would be greatly appreciated if you put a spoiler warning at the front of your comment, to alert people to the contents of your comment. And, if it’s a pretty serious spoiler, that would ruin someone’s enjoyment of the book (like Dumbledore dies!) and would ruin the surprise, then it’s a good idea to put it into rot13!

Any questions? Ask below!


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