The Colour of Magic – Terry Pratchett

This, a little ashamedly, is my first Terry Pratchett (solo) novel. I have read Good Omens, and his Long Earth series previously, but they have been collaborations. So I have been meaning to read this for quite some time, and get into the Discworld series, as massive as it is. Indeed this year I planned to read them all – as you can tell by the fact I’ve only just read the first one, that plan isn’t going to plan, like all good plans! And boy am I glad I finally started reading these! It was just so much fun, and there are so many quirky details and the world is so detail and rich already, and I’m already intrigued about all the little references there are, and I just want more! Which happily, there is a lot of.

There characters are so good – Rincewind and his amazing lack of powers as a wizard, but watch out, there is some awesome spell stuck in his head, which is totally going to be a massive flop. And Twoflower, who is just so curious and naive. And Hrun, who is the cliched barbarian/hero. And just everybody. Especially Death, ah, I am really reminded of The Book Thief and Death there, and this one is just as brilliant, but less spoilery.

And the ending! They’ve gone off the edge of the world – which is supported by four elephants on top of a giant turtle, whose sex is a point of debate. And just so much happened, so initially I was a little a taken back and overwhelmed by the level of detail and so many new things and words to understand. But quickly I became accustomed and enjoyed the ride.

Bring on the next 40 odd books! (please don’t spoil me for any future book – like seriously, no mention of any of the next ones in any way)

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